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Transformation Spells



Timing: September, October, and May. The season of spring. During fire signs. Moon in Pisces or Scorpio. Monday. Dawn. Cusps or transitory periods like midnight on New Year's Eve. 




Seed of Transformation



In a cup-shaped piece of eggshell place a little dirt and a seed. Set this in a larger container filled with more good planting soil. Name the seed after the situation or attribute you wish to transform. Each time you water the seedling, speak words of affirmation to the soil that specifically aid your goal. For example, If you are trying to quit smoking, you might encourage your seedling with words like "self-control," "restraint," or "freedom." Continue to pursue your goal on other levels while the plant grows. Once it is ready for transplanting, you should see signs of positive transformation in your life.






Weight Loss



This is an exercise specially designed for people who want to lose weight. Go to a toy store and buy yourself a hula-hoop. Swirl it around yourself so it is moving counterclockwise (to reduce excess weight) and say, "turn, turn, turn, calories burn, burn, burn." Do this for eight minutes at 8 AM and 8 PM every day until your goal is reached.

The time can vary if 8 o'clock is not feasible with your schedule. The important thing is to establish a routine that creates a positive energy flow. It's also good exercise!






Free Yourself


Visualize yourself inside a cocoon. Each strand of the sphere is made up of words that name your restraints. Within this shell you have a pair of scissors marked with the word "transformation" on both blades. When you can see this image clearly, use the power of change to cut your way to liberation!

In the future when you feel tempted to return to those old ways, find a pair of scissors. Hold them tightly while repeating the word "transformation." See that you are still free of those binding threads. Don't take them back!