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The Wisdom of the Greenman

The Greenman is a woodland God that represents the wild, untamed Spirit of Nature. His face is covered in foliage, and He often has leaves pouring out of His mouth and nostrils. 

His domain is the wild places in nature, the places untouched by humans. He is the male energy and force behind nature and is sometimes seen as the male counterpart to 'Mother Nature'. He is the Lord of the Greenwood to some and the Dying Resurrecting God of Vegetation to others.

In the Northern Hemisphere, His power cycle tends to be when the green growth of the world is at its zenith, from the spring equinox to the summer solstice, peaking at Beltaine or May Day. Because he returns each spring with new growth, He is associated with renewal, resurrection, and rebirth.

Though He is most often depicted with oak leaves and acorns, He is at times shown with holly leaves and berries. Because of this, He is associated with both the Oak King and the Holly King and is seen as seasonal versions of the two Kings by many. 

Litha Sabbat June 21

Litha is the most magickal crossover point of the year when the sun is at its full strength and stands still at Summer Solstice before beginning to recede as we move into the waning half of the year. The Faerie Folk are very active, playing pranks and even stealing away the young and beautiful to join them in the Hollow Hills.

Litha Magick could include picking St. John’s Wort to break any unwanted Faerie enchantment and drive away depression. If you pick St. John’s Wort on Midsummer’s Day and carry it, you will remain cheerful, or if you wish to become pregnant pick it while walking naked in the garden.

Look for water nymphs or the Lady of the Lake herself rising from the luminous depths. Allow yourself to open to your unconscious and let yourself be transformed. 


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