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Thought-Form Magick


What is a thought-form? 


A thought-form is a statue or mental  image in the form of your desire. It  exists in either the mental or astral plane. Each entity is born of thought and sustained by will.  They are invisible to most, but can seen by clairvoyants; and may be intuitively sensed by others. Another name for thought-form is "artificial element".

Theosophists and clairvoyants Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater placed thought-forms in three classifications:

(1) the image of the thinker which is simply  the appearance of an individual in two places simultaneously
(2) an image of a material object associated with the thought
(3) an independent image expressing the inherent qualities of the thought.

Thought-forms are created through ritual involving intense concentration, repetition, and visualization. In occultism an egrigori is a supernatural intelligence called a thought-form, which is often produced by the power of the "will" or visualization by participants in a group. The thought-forms in such incidents are produced by group force. They can be directed toward individuals to protect or heal, or to harm. Also, thought-forms can be created to perform low-level tasks and errands.

Other thought-forms can occur spontaneously, for example, "Group minds" that emerge whenever a group of people concentrate on the same thought, ideas, or goals, such as a team of employees or a crowd of demonstrators. To a certain extent the group-mind possesses the group, such is seen in psychic bonding and power that coalesces in crowds, and in the synergy of a close-knit working group. Usually when the group disbands the power of the group-mind dissipates too.

The strength and clarity of the original thought determines the duration, strength and the distance of travel of its developed thought-form. It is said that thought-forms can have the capability to assume their own energy and appear to be intelligent and independent. Equally strong thought-forms can disperse them, or they may disintegrate when their purpose has been accomplished. Some may stay in existence for years, while others can become uncontrollable and turn on their senders.  For this reason I strongly suggest that anyone creating a thought-form limits the time that the thought-form will "live" by forcefully stating and visualizing the end of the thought-form's existence after a set time limit.  

When sent out to do their work, thought-forms latch onto vibrations similar to their creation. Vibrations of love will attach to those which are loving etc.  Beware of creating malicious thought-forms or you run the risk of having the thought-form return to you.

How to Make a Physical Thought-Form

1.    Make an image or statue that represents the nature of the thought-form, such as a wolf for protection, eagle for freedom, heart for love etc. You can use Play Doh, Plaster, and Plasticine etc.  Hollow out the image and fill it with sand, water or empowered oil.    

2.    Place the statue in front of you and visualize a sphere of light above your head.  The colour of the light should be symbolic of the nature of the desired effect.   

3.    Mentally draw the light down into your head and bring it to rest directly between your eyebrows.  Concentrate strongly on the statue and its nature.

4.    Focus on the desire of your magickal spell; see its out come clearly in your mind. You have willed it so!

5.    Rouse your emotions to charge your blood with the desire for the outcome.

6.    Begin deep breathing through the mouth only, taking in and releasing breaths in succession while pulling in the stomach muscles.  To idea is to keep the air out of your stomach and only in your lungs. Hold the breaths on the next inhale and mentally transfer the image of your desire to the heart area.

7.    Slowly release the breath out onto the statue.  Mentally transfer the image of the desire, seeing the image carried out on the breath.  Your desire in now magically transferred into the object and will vibrate with the energy of your desire.  This transferral of energy through your mouth is called the Odic Breath.

8.    Now give the thought form a name that is relevant to the work it will perform.  Say, “I name thee  ______.”      

9.    Verbally instruct the thought-form, telling when to work (time of night and day), where to work, how long, and when to finish.  Then instruct it to terminate its existence on a given day and time.  DO NOT extend the existence of the thought-form past 7 days.

10.    Release the thought-form, instructing it to go forth.  Tell it to return to the statue when it requires more energy, and when it is not working as instructed.  Each day you will want to feed the though-form by putting energy into the statue with your Odic Breath.

11.    When the time has come to terminate the thought- form slowly drain the liquid or sand out of the statue into a hole dug into the earth.  As you empty the statue, FEEL the thought-form dissolve and ebb away.  Finally, verbally affirm that the connection is now severed and the thought-form is dissolved.  THIS STEP IS VITAL.  A though form is said to be capable of taking on a life of it’s own if not terminated within 7 days of it’s beginning, and can be come difficult to control.