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Solstice New Beginnings Ritual


Items needed:

7 knob candle OR a candle that can be burned for 7 days consecutively.

Incense or sage smudge

Charcoal and fireproof burner


Loose herbs:

Thyme or Borage for courage

Catnip, Marjoram, Lavender or Hawthorn for happiness

Basil, Garlic or Mint for exorcism


 Winter can be a time when it is easy to fall into depression and despair. We may begin to feel lost, confused, and frustrated - money seems to disappear before we receive it, and there is so much shopping to do! The nights are long and the days are cold and bleak. We may feel our strength declining and our spirits flagging. This is a symptom of the Tide of Receding, the natural cycle of change that is manifesting now.  Soon the tide will turn to the Tide of Activation at Winter Solstice, and we will begin the long climb back to the hopeful new beginnings of Spring.

 This simple Ritual is perfect for preparing us for the new beginnings that are on the way.  It will help to uplift and purify us to get us through all that seems overwhelming at this time of the year. We will use the Elements of Fire and Air to prepare ourselves and surrender to our inner shadows before the Solstice transformation. It will bring us an inner stillness, a moment outside of time which we may use to gather our strength and faith, to begin to move forward with confidence and joy.

 Begin 12 hours before the Winter Solstice.    Prepare yourself and your sacred space with incense or smudge purification.

 Spend some time in quiet contemplation calling on your spirit guides and Gods to stand beside you and lend their strength to your Ritual.

  Light the charcoal disc and add the herbs.

 Light the candle - if it is a 7 knob candle you will snuff it once the first knob is burned down, if it is a pillar candle you will snuff it when 1/7 of the candle has burned.

 Repeat this affirmation until your candle has burned down one knob or 1/7th. 

 I am strong and filled with joy.  My life is guided by the God/dess and She/He fills my heart with love and acceptance. There is abundance in the world and I shall receive all that I need.

 Do this every day until the candle is completely consumed.

 Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this ritual.  Daily affirmations are a powerful psychological tool that have proven results! 


Rowan Morgana 2013