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 Solitary Full Moon Ritual

Many times we find ourselves away from our Coven, Temple, Altar and home when the Moon becomes full.  We think that it would be wonderful to do a little Ritual in honour of the Moon, but have no tools, candles, incense etc.   The magick is within you and the power of visualization is the vehicle of transportation.

All you need is you and a view of the Full Moon.

Preferably standing outside (but if it’s cold and raining you can gaze thru a window) make sure that you have a wonderful view of the Full Moon.

Allow the Moon’s rays to envelope you, take your time, and appreciate the feel of the Moonlight on your skin.  If you wish, you may imagine the Moonlight completely encircling you, protecting you with loving energy. You have cast a Magick Circle.

You may wish to consider the power of the Full Moon, the tide is strongly attuned to positive manifestation and to increase and gain.  What do you wish to manifest in the next month?  Take your time, allow the spirit of the Moon Goddess to fill you.  Feel Her Power and Presence within your mind, your spirit, and your emotions. You have Drawn Down the Moon.

When you are finished communing with the Goddess, thank her in your own words, either silently or out loud, for Blessing you with Her presence.  

Kiss the back of your power hand three times, and then extend your hand to the Moon as a gesture of love and gratitude.

It is done, So Mote it Be!

Rowan Morgana