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Self Love Spell




Loving yourself is the hardest work you will ever do. To increase both your capacity to receive and give love, it is essential to forgive and love yourself, and that includes your mind, your body and your spirit.


This spell is best performed during a Waning Moon, on a Monday Morning at Sunrise.

You will need:
A large mirror
Talcum powder
A large red paper heart
A picture of yourself
A private place which is warm
A red candle

Cast a Circle. Light a red candle, which should be the only light source in the room.
Standing naked before a mirror, allow your eyes to really see your body. Allow yourself to see the perfection of it shining through, no matter how imperfect you may usually consider it. If a thought comes into your mind like, I have large hips, or my breasts sag, do not ignore that voice but address the issue. Tell the socialized critic in yourself that your hips are large and strong, they epitomize the Goddess within you, and they deserve your love and respect for they carry the genes of your female ancestors, and those hips got them through famine, carried children, worked hard and were strong. Those breasts are the breasts that have fed children, delighted lovers; pleasured you and so on...Create your own physical mythology. What you are doing is looking beyond the stereotypes of femininity and beauty and creating a new body as you change your thinking about it.

After closely studying and admiring your body, allow your hands to trail slowly over it. Feeling the skin, its curves, and the strong bones beneath.

Take the talcum powder, and shake it into your hands, patting it over your entire body-do not forget the much-maligned genitals. Stare at this new covering, see yourself as a statue of the Goddess, an eternal symbol of female power. Visualize that the powder is drawing out all the unkind thoughts, all the criticisms, all the physical shame, which have so far held you back in your quest for self-acceptance and love by making you feel less than perfect. Dust yourself off, and visualize that along with the powder, all the old fears and doubts are being removed. Stand as tall as you can, arching your back, bending your legs and turning your face to the sky, and visualize the love of the Goddess pouring into you. Then take the picture of yourself and place it over the red heart. Look at this. It symbolizes your new feelings for yourself.

Say seven times:

I love my body exactly as it is
I love my mind exactly as it is
I love my spirit exactly as it is
I love myself exactly as I am
Blessed Be the Goddess within me.

After closing Circle, snuff out the candle and clean up. For the next seven days wear just a little rose essential oil under your left breast. When you breathe in its scent, be reminded of your solemn vow to love all facets of yourself. Be light and happy.

Repeat your affirmation each and every day. They should be as much a part of your day as brushing your teeth.

  by Rowan Morgana