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Planetary Hours Charts


The planetary hours are based on an ancient astrological system, the Chaldean order of the planets. This is the sequence: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, then repeating endlessly Saturn, Jupiter, etc. Using Planetary Hours is a simple and elegant way to use Planetary Influences in your daily life and magickal workings.  

 Each day of the week is named for a planet. The planet ruling the day also rules the sunrise hour and then each hour the next planet rules following in a repetitive sequence. The next day will be the one that is named for the planet that, in this repetitive sequence, has become that day’s sunrise planetary hour.  For instance if you were doing a spell for courage you would want as much Mars influence as possible so the most auspicious time would be on a Tuesday (ruled by Mars) during the 1st or 8th hour after sunrise (ruled by Mars) or the  3rd or 10th hour after sunset (ruled by Mars). 

Planetary Days begin at sunrise, so the hours after midnight belong to the previous day.  A planetary “day” is not the same as our calendar days, nor does an hour necessarily contain sixty minutes. You must account for the seasonal difference in length of daylight; the amount of time in each hour is different in the day from the night. The only times the hours are about 60 minutes in length both day and night is during the Equinoxes.

To figure out the planetary hours for your area is really quite simple.  All you need to know is the time that the sun rises and the time that the sun sets.

  • Add the total time between sunrise and sunset and divide by 12 for daylight Planetary hours
  • Add the total time between sunset and sunrise and divide by 12 for nighttime Planetary hours

This method is slow, though. Quick methods are easily available. I personally have a free app on my phone that calculates the Planetary Hours for me!  

 BC Sunrise and Sunset

Daytime Hours Chart
7MarsMercuryJupiterVenusSaturnSun Moon

 Nighttime Hours Chart

1Jupiter VenusSaturnSunMoonMarsMercury
3Sun MoonMarsMercuryJupiterVenusSaturn

Hour of the Sun: Career success, employment, promotion, making presentations, public speaking, improving social status, approaching authority figures, improving health

Hour of the Moon: for doing things that are likely to change or are not intended to be permanent or binding, for increased intuition or imagination, for all domestic activities

Hour of Mercury: Abstract thinking, mental alertness, speaking, signing papers, sending significant mail, fixing computer problems, or in general, for any activity related to communication, provided you are in the frame of mind to be logical and rational. (Mercury can be a trickster when you are mentally fogged or emotionally upset. 

Hour of Venus: Social occasions, love, courtship, marriage, improving appearance, for financial investments, to reconcile after a disagreement, to mediate a dispute, to achieve calm after stress, to work for peace

Hour of Mars: Activities that require muscular exertion, boldness, courage and active enterprise, when your feelings are in check. Caution is needed if you are angry or stressed, and especially if a relationship is involved, for Mars can be confrontational. 

Hour of Jupiter: Success in just about any activity you can imagine and for beginning anything important. The only downside would be where a tendency to over-indulgence or excess is a factor. 

Hour of Saturn: Getting organized, plowing through tedious work, breaking unwanted habits, accepting and dealing with responsibilities, and for contemplation or meditation especially if you find yourself feeling tired and needing a respite from activity