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New Moon Fire Meditation

(To do in the dark)

You will need a candle—red is best, but a candle is a candle. Sometimes fire is a tremendous cleanser, burning away toxic thoughts or substances. Sometimes fire is a stimulant, drawing attention, intensity and power.


Sit in a dark room with only your candle as light. Sit with your spine upright and slow your breath. As you gaze at the candle flame, allow your slow, deep breath to start to heat you, building your internal flame. Extend the breath and heat until your whole body feels warm. During and between each of these steps, you will take several deep breaths, allowing yourself to absorb the experience.

Beginning at your root chakra, the base of your pelvis, visualize the flame of the candle burning there. As it burns, it draws other sparks of light like moths or fireflies, growing in intensity. Each spark of light can represent something you want to bring into your sense of root: belonging, community, safety, home, abundance. When you feel full, move on to the second chakra.

Bring the vision of a candle flame into your central pelvis. Let it get brighter, attracting sparks of light to feed it. These sparks can represent what you want to bring into your second chakra: passion, creativity, longing, drive, sensuality. Let your visions of these feed the flame until it feels full.

Move the flame into your solar plexus. Breathe with the heat growing there, attracting little flecks of light. What do you want to feed your third chakra? Sovereignty, expression, direction, focus, pride in self. Continue until you feel full.

Let the flame fill your heart. Allow the sparks of your desire to fill and feed the fire in your heart: compassion, grace, right relationship, acceptance, forgiveness, freedom from judgment. Do not move on until your heart feels full to bursting with energy.

Allow the flame to fill your throat. Here (or anywhere else, really) you may feel that the burning clears first before it starts to feed this energy centre. Start seeding the fire with the desires you have for your expression: clarity, fearless truth, ruthless compassion, space for your voice, loving expression.

Focus the flame at your brow point. Allow the lights to help feed your flame, attracting and growing vision without assumptions, detachment from outcome, ability to witness, honouring all creation, clarity.

Establish the flame at the crown of your head. Let it become a roaring fire, fed by the sparks of your desire for divine relation: ecstasy, union with Truth, enlightenment. Breathe the energy of this ecstatic fire down the front of your body, renewing the other flames. Allow your breath to rise up your spine, feeding and growing them all.

To close, earth the energy by putting your hands on the ground and thanking spirit for your ability to expand and experience energy. By the end of this, you are probably thirsty—don’t hold back. Drink lots of water.

By Isis Ward