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Moon Phases

"Let's make magick by the light of the Moon."  




Moonrise Facts

The New Moon always rises at sunrise.

And the first quarter at noon.

The Full Moon always rises at sunset.

And the last quarter at midnight.







The Dark of the Moon is the time when the Moon appears to be completely covered in darkness. This is a time of the Dark Goddess who is called Hecate, the Morrigan, Banba and by many other names.  Her colour is black, her time is midnight, her season is winter, her direction is North, her Element is Earth.

 It is a time to banish unwanted energies from our lives. We gather together during the Dark Moon Esbat to honour and understand the darker mysteries of the Goddess.  We accept that we do not know all the answers and that those things we need to learn will be revealed in time. The Dark of the Moon is also a good time for scrying and other methods of divination. The Crone represents the Goddess in Her aspect as Elder. The Crone is the Wise Woman, the Witch, the Matriarch. The Crone is the Goddess of Death, and magic, and the Spirit realm. She is the Goddess of Wisdom, visions, and guidance. Hers is the height of spiritual power, for She is the Great Sorceress Who creates Her will through magic. Goddess of Transformation, the Crone is the Destroyer Who dissolves outmoded forms, allowing new growth to occur.

This is a time of personal reflection and inner guidance. Soon the light of the Goddess will fade completely before the cycle will begin again.

The Dark of the Moon occurs on the 3 nights before the New Moon appears in the night sky. Each of the Dark Moon nights has a particular Shadow force associated with it. They are The Lady of Shadow, the Lady of Blood, and the Lady of Bone. The Shadow forces can be used to strengthen your magick spells, divination workings, and understanding of occult forces. 

LADY OF SHADOW – 3rd night before New Moon, Her power comes from beneath the Earth bringing memories of living beings that have died and been re-absorbed in the Earth Mother.  Most Magickal time to tap into Her energy is at midnight, She will be found in the shadows pooled around the stems of plants.

LADY OF BLOOD - 2nd night before New Moon, she receives the memories from the Lady of Shadow and brings them forth into the world of the living to be used by those who are trained in the Art of Witchcraft.

LADY OF BONE – The night before New Moon, she keeps and preserves the memories and mixes them with new experiences from the living Witch. The Lady of Bone then sinks back into Mother Earth and passes the experiences mixed with memories back to the Lady of Shadows. This is the cycle of Shadow.



 Names of the Dark Moon



Dark Quiet Moon

Understanding the value of silence and contemplation


Dark Hunger Moon

Extending gratitude for what we have and the Earth's providence to all beings


Dark Seed Moon

Planting the attributes necessary for a growing soul


Dark Planting Moon

Sowing the seeds for the soul's growth


Dark Ninth Moon

Receiving fulfilment


Dark Strawberry Moon

Receiving abundance


Dark Blessing Moon

Receiving Divine favour


Dark Harvest Moon

Receiving rewards


Dark Singing Moon

Being aware of sounds and silences


Dark Falling Leaf Moon

Honouring the cycles of life


Dark Dead Moon

Banishing those things that are no longer good for us


Dark Snow Moon





New Moon


Time for the recognition of the Goddess in her phase as an Infant


The time of the New Moon (the first two or three days the new crescent is visible) is a good time for celebrating new beginnings or doing magick, which involves growth (starting a diet, beginning a new course of study, etc.). Here the first light in the cycle of the moon begins and the Goddess is in her phase as a very young maiden ready to explore the new world.


Waxing Moon

Time for the recognition of the Goddess in her phase as the Maiden


As the Moon grows in light, the energies of growth come with her. The day of the Full Moon and the day or two just before the calendar day of the Full Moon are the best times for doing magick for bringing something to you (a new job, prosperity, good luck, etc.). During this time, we recognize the Goddess as the young maiden who searches for a partner with which she can become a new mother. The maiden is full of fresh energy and is anxious to sing and dance throughout the world.



First Quarter Moon

The First Quarter Moon means that the Moon is waxing (increasing in light) and is 50% to 75% illuminated. The First Quarter Moon rises around noon and sets around midnight and she can often be seen during the daylight hours in the afternoon. The Goddess associated with the First Quarter Moon is the Goddess Anunit.


 First Quarter Moon energy brings forth excitement and enthusiasm; we are shining brightly like the Moon, but still have a long way to go. We may still be facing challenges, but they tend to stimulate and excite us. This phase is often called the "crisis of action" because now is the time to move forward, build momentum and take action.  We feel that success is within our grasp, but our goal has not yet been achieved. Now is not the time to rest on our laurels, there is still work to be done before fruition at Full Moon. Your attention is still required to keep your goal moving in the right direction or your goal may slip away without you realizing it.

First Quarter Moon brings high energy and is an excellent time for planning, making decisions and organizing your life so that you can become more efficient and productive.  Now is a good time to take on difficult or challenging projects that you have been putting off.  It's also a good time to begin health or exercise programs and to change your routine to get you on track and moving toward your goals.  If you have confidence and self-esteem issues, the First Quarter is an excellent time to work on them.  Remember that others are also feeling the dynamic energy of the First Quarter, so be aware that their energy will also be assertive, confident and decisive. Try to avoid conflict with others unless you wish to have a confrontation. Don't interfere with the progress of others and don't allow others to interfere in yours either.

First Quarter Moon magick includes growth and increasing, growth within a relationship, financial growth and gaining knowledge.  This is a time of fertility so if pregnancy is desired, now is an exceptional time for magick towards that goal.  It is a time of great communication, and is auspicious for business and legal matters as well as healing, love magick, and protection for couples,

"The New and First-Quarter phases, known as the light of the Moon, are considered good for planting above-ground crops, putting down sod, grafting trees, and transplanting." Farmer's Almanac 2014

Waxing Gibbous Moon

The Waxing Gibbous Moon appears to be pregnant, the Moon is perfectly round on the right side, but bulged out past half-way on the left.  The Waxing Gibbous Moon contains and is gestating your hopes, dreams, wishes, and magick, until they are born at Full Moon. 


                     The waxing gibbous Moon, rises in the middle of the afternoon


 During the phase of the Gibbous Waxing Moon you can continue to do waxing, drawing, increasing, or growth spells.  The efforts made towards your goals at New Moon are brought to light. Moon energy is very strong as she moves towards the height of her strength at Full Moon. If your personal energies are low you can harness the Moon's energy to increase your magickal power and confidence. Growth may appear fast-paced and challenges or changes may occur.  It is a good time to practice patience and prepare for the Full Moon energies. It is also time to tie off loose ends.  The Waxing Gibbous Moon can also be a time of gestation.  It may appear as if action has paused, but it is still growing deep within the body of your magick.



Full Moon 


Time for the recognition of the Goddess in her phase as Mother and a time to celebrate the Goddess

The full moon is when the moon’s energy is at its peak. The Full Moon is the best time for consecrating tools, charging jewellery, working magick to bring something to you, and for raising energy for the Earth or other Healing. It is also traditionally the time when Wicca’s gather to celebrate the power of the moon through an Esbat ceremony. It is during this time that the Goddess becomes the strong mother figure who cares for the earth and all its creatures. This is truly a joyous time for celebration.  Most Wicca’s celebrate the full moon with a special ritual called the Esbat. We give each moon a special name.



  Names of the Full Moon




Other Names Used

Full Wolf Moon


Quiet, Snow, Cold, Chaste, Disting, Moon of Little Winter

Full Ice Moon


Storm, Horning, Hunger, Wild, Red & Cleansing, Quickening, Big Winter

Full Storm Moon


Seed, Moon of Winds, Plow, Worm, Lenting, Sap, Crow, Snowblind

Full Growing Moon


Hare, Seed, Planting, Budding Trees, Eostre Month, Pink, Green Grass

Full Hare Moon 


Merry, Dryad, Bright, Flower, Frogs Return, Thrice-Milk Month, Joy, Planting

Full Mead Moon


Horses, Lovers', Strong Sun, Honey, Strawberry, Rose

Full Hay Moon


Wort, Moon of Claiming, Blessing, Fallow, Buck, Thunder

Full Corn  Moon


Barley, dispute, Harvest

Full Harvest Moon*


Wine, Singing, Sturgeon, Moon When Deer Paw the Earth

Full Blood Moon


Harvest, Shedding, Falling Leaf, Ten Colds, Moon of Changing Season

Full Snow  Moon


Dark, Fog, Beaver, Mourning, Mad, Moon of Storms, 

Full Cold Moon


Oak, Wolf, Moon of Long Nights, Big Winter, Moon of Popping Trees



Full Moon Correspondences


December  Ice Moon

This is a month for thinking about the new year and forming plans and ideas to put into action during the coming months.   Now is the time of endurance, death and rebirth. The Earth tides will soon turn towards the Sun, but for now we are still in darkness.  Within the dark, we may begin the personal alchemy of transformation.  It is a time to strengthen our spiritual paths through contemplation and meditation.  We shall remember our friends and family and many of us will reach out to the lonely and the needy through volunteering.


Nature Spirits – Snow Faeries, Storm Faeries, Winter Tree Faeries

Herbs – Holly, English Ivy, Fir, Mistletoe

Flowers – Holly, Poinsettia, Christmas Cactus

Scents – Violet, Patchouli, Rose Geranium, Frankincense, Myrrh, Lilac

Stones – Serpentine, Jacinth, Peridot

Trees – Pine, Fir, Holly

Animals – Mouse, Deer, Horse, Bear

Birds – Rook, Robin, Snowy Owl

God/dess – Hathor, Hecate, Neith, Athene, Minerva, Ixchel, Osiris, Norns, Fates


January Wolf Moon

The month of January is a good time for beginnings and conceiving.  Work spells for protection and reversing magick.  Your energy levels are low during this month, and much is going on below the surface.  It is a good time to work on personal problems that involve no one else.

  Nature Spirits – Gnomes, brownies

 Herbs - Marjoram, holy thistle, nuts and cones

Colours – Brilliant white, blue-violet, black

Flowers – Snowdrop, crocus

Scents – Musk, mimosa

Stones – Garnet, onyx, jet, Chrysoprase

Trees - Birch

Animals – Fox, coyote

Birds – Pheasant, blue jay

God/dess – Freya, Inanna, Sarsvati, Ch’ang-O, Sinn


February  Ice Moon

 The month of February is a time for spiritual purification and initiation. Take time to cleanse and purify yourself, your home, sacred space and property.  Work spells for growth, healing, and self-love. Accept responsibility for past mistakes, forgive and make future plans

   Nature Spirits – House Faeries

 Herbs – Balm of Gilead, hyssop, myrrh, sage, spikenard

 Colours – Light blue, violet

 Flowers – Wisteria, heliotrope

 Scents – Musk, mimosa

 Stones – Amethyst, jasper, rock crystal

 Trees – Rowan, laurel, cedar

 Animals – Otter, unicorn

 Birds – Eagle, chickadee

 God/dess – Brigid, Juno, Kuan Yin, Diana, Demeter, Persephone,  Aphrodite


 March  Storm Moon

The Full Moon in March is a time of exploration, growth and prosperity. Work magick for prosperity, luck and freedom from bad habits and/or oppression. March is also a time of balance between the Light and Dark, spells and meditations that work to break illusions so that you may see and accept the truth in your life are appropriate.


Nature Spirits – Mer-people (Air & Water beings connected to spring rain & storms)

Herbs – Broom, High John root, yellow dock, wood betony, Irish moss

Colours – Pale green, red-violet

Flowers – Jonquil, daffodil, violet

Scents – Honeysuckle, apple blossom

Stones – Aquamarine, bloodstone

Trees – Alder, dogwood

Animals – Cougar, hedgehog, boar

Birds – Sea crow, sea eagle

Deities – Black Isis, the Morrigan, Hecate, Cybele, Astarte, Athene, Minerva, Artemis, Luna


April  Growing Moon

The Full Moon in April is a time of creating, producing, and restoring balance. Work magick for change, self-confidence, and self-reliance. Spells and meditations that work to control temper and selfishness are appropriate.

Nature Spirits – Plant Faeries

Herbs – Basil, chives, dragons blood, geranium, thistle

Colours – Crimson, red, gold

Flowers – Daisy, sweetpea

Scents – Pine, bay, bergamot, patchouli

Stones – Ruby, garnet, sardonyx

Trees – Pine, bay, hazel

Animals – Bear, wolf

Birds – Hawk, magpie

Deities – Kali, Hathor, Anahita, Ceres, Ishtar, Venus, Bast


May Planting Moon

The Full Moon in May is a time of full energy for creation and propagation with power flowing from the Greenwood Gods and trees.  It is a time when intuition and contact with Faeries and spirits is strong.  Work magick to strengthen your connection to spirit helpers and protectors.

Nature Spirits – Faeries, elves

Herbs – Dittany of Crete, elder, mint, rose, mugwort, thyme, yarrow

Colours – Green, brown, pink

Flowers – Lily of the valley, foxglove, rose, broom

Scents – rose, sandalwood

Stones – Emerald, malachite, amber, carnelian

Trees – Hawthorn

Animals – Cat, lynx, leopard

Birds – Swallow, dove, swan

Deities – Bast, Venus, Aphrodite, Maia, Diana, Artemis, Pan, Horned God


June Mead Moon

The Full Moon in June is a time of full but restful energy that may be used for protection, prevention and strengthening. Meditations and divinations involving decision making and taking responsibility for what is happening in the present are appropriate. It is a time of Light, when the Earth tides are turning. Work magick to strengthen your positive traits and to discover personal inconsistencies.

Nature Spirits – Sylphs, zephyrs

Herbs – Skullcap, meadowsweet, vervain, tansy, dog grass, parsley, mosses

Colours – Orange, golden-green

Flowers – Lavender, orchid, yarrow

Scents – Lily of the valley, lavender

Stones – Topaz, agate, alexandrite, fluorite

Trees – Oak

Animals – Monkey, butterfly, frog, toad

Birds – Wren, peacock

Deities – Aine of Knockaine, Isis, Neith, Green Man, Cerridwen, Bendis, Ishtar


July Hay Moon

The Full Moon in July is a time of relaxed energy; it is also a time to prepare spiritually and physically for the coming autumn.  It is a time to bask in your success.  Dream-work, divination, and meditation on goals and plans, especially spiritual ones, are appropriate for this Full Moon.

Nature Spirits – Hobgoblins, faeries of harvested crops

Herbs – Honeysuckle, agrimony, lemon balm, hyssop

Colours – Silver, blue-gray

Flowers – Lotus, water lily, jasmine

Scents – Orris, frankincense

Stones – Pearl, moonstone, white agate

Trees – Oak, acacia, ash

Animals – Crab, turtle, dolphin, whale

Birds – Starling, ibis, swallow

Deities – Khepera, Athene, Juno, Hel, Holda, Cerridwen, Nephthys, Venus


August Corn Moon

The Full Moon in August is a time when our energy is poured into harvesting, gathering and appreciating.   It is a time to of vitality, health and friendships.  Dream-work, divination, and meditation on the harvest we are receiving, and the seeds that we have sown, are appropriate for this Full Moon.

  Nature Spirits – Dryads

Herbs – Chamomile, St. John’s wort, bay, angelica, fennel, rue

Colours – Yellow, gold

Flowers – Sunflower, marigold

Scents – Frankincense, heliotrope

Stones – Cat’s eye, carnelian, jasper, fire agate

Trees – Hazel, alder, cedar

Animals – Lion, phoenix, sphinx, dragon

Birds – Crane, falcon, eagle

Deities – Ganesha, Thoth, Hathor, Diana, Hecate, Nemesis


September Harvest Moon

  The Full Moon in September is a time of balance between light and dark.  We have sown our seeds and reaped the benefits, and now it is time to rest and reflect.  Now is the time to organize, straighten up and clean physical, emotional, and spiritual clutter

   Nature Spirits – Trooping Faeries

 Herbs – Copal, fennel, rye, wheat valerian, skullcap

 Colours – Brown, yellow-green, yellow

 Flowers – Narcissus, lily

 Scents – Storax, mastic, gardenia, bergamot

 Stones – Peridot, olivine, chrysolite, citrine

 Trees – Hazel, larch, bay

 Animals – Snake, jackal

 Birds – Ibis, sparrow

 Deities – Demeter, Ceres, Isis, Nephthys, Ch’ang-O, Thoth


October Blood Moon

The month of October brings us the Blood Moon. This Moon is also called the Harvest Moon, Shedding Moon, Winterfylleth, Windermanoth, Falling Leaf Moon, Ten Colds Moon, and Moon of the Changing Season.

The Blood Moon falls just before Samhain and brings a change in energy that invites us to begin to draw within ourselves, to begin the long contemplative months of the coming winter.

The October Blood Moon takes its name from the ancient custom of killing livestock before winter arrives.

It is a time of letting go of that which no longer serves you. It is a powerful time for meditations of Karma and reincarnation, inner cleansing and inner harmony. Magick workings about justice and balance are particularly relevant during the Blood Moon.

The Blood Moon is a good time to purify your home, to remove unwanted energies or entities. If you're having bad luck, little accidents or feeling uneasy in your home, then the chances are good that you need to thoroughly cleanse your house.


Nature Spirits -  Frost Faeries, Plant Faeries

Herbs - Pennyroyal, thyme, catnip, uva ursi, angelica, burdock

Colours - Dark blue-green

Flowers -  Calendula, marigold, cosmos

Scents -  Strawberry, apple blossom, cherry

Stones -  Opal, Tourmaline, beryl, turquoise

Trees - Yew, cypress 

Animals -  Stag, jackal, elephant, ram, scorpion

Birds -  Heron, crow, robin

Deities -  Ishtar, Astarte, Demeter, Kore, Lakshmi, Horned God, Belili, Hathor


November Snow Moon

The Full Moon in November is a time of grounding, preparation and transformation. Work magick that will strengthen your communication with the Goddess or God that seems closest to you.

Nature Spirits - Underground Faeries

Herbs – Grains of paradise, verbena, betony, borage, cinquefoil, blessed thistle

Colours – Grey, sea-green

Flowers – Blooming cacti, chrysanthemum

Scents – Cedar, cherry blossoms, hyacinth, narcissus, peppermint, lemon

Stones – Topaz, Lapis Lazuli

Trees – Alder, cypress

Animals – Unicorn, scorpion, crocodile, jackal

Birds – Owl, goose, sparrow

Deities – Kali, Black Isis, Nicnevin, Hecate, Bast, Lakshmi, Skadi, Osiris, Sarasvati


    Source – Moon Magick D.J. Conway

 Waning Moon


The Waning Moon, especially the days just before the Dark of the Moon, are best for doing magick for removing something from your life (bad habits, stress, etc.) or for clearing out negative energies. This is the time when the moon’s energy is becoming weaker and the strength of the light of the Goddess is diminishing. This is a time of great wisdom for She has learned much in her journey from infant to wise crone and it is a time to learn from this wisdom by going within and communicating with Her. This is a time of personal reflection and inner guidance. Soon the light of the Goddess will fade completely before the cycle will begin again.