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Magickal Floor Washes

 The New Year is a great time to physically and spiritually cleanse your home. A good way to clear away any baneful unhealthy energy is with the use of a floorwash. It is good practice to spiritually cleanse your home once a month during either the Full or New Moon.

Applying a magickal floorwash is a traditional and discreet way to cast a spell. A floorwash is made by infusing botanicals in water and then applying to a clean floor. Floorwashes can be used to both draw and repel depending on the herbs used.

There are lots of recipes for floorwashes, most call for a combination of three ingredients plus water. Some recipes call for Florida Water, Spiritual Water or Holy Water, but spring or rain water will work just as well and is easier to obtain. Avoid using tap water if at all possible.

To make a floor wash place the water in a non-metal pot add the herbs and simmer for about 10 minutes. Allow the mixture to cool, then pour into a container. If you are going to add essential oils, be sure to put them in the bottom of the storage container rather than in the hot water. Allow the mixture to remain in the bottle for seven days before using it.

To use your floor wash be sure to start with a clean floor then apply the floorwash by starting at the back of the room and ending at the door. Give the threshold or doorway an extra scrubbing and while wet sprinkle it with salt to prevent baneful energies from entering. The floor wash is actually more of a final floor rinse than a wash. You want the floorwash to dry and radiate it's magickal fragrance and power.

You may add a small amount of your floorwash to your regular cleaning products so that you are spiritually cleansing every time you clean!

If you have wall to wall carpets you can apply the floorwash lightly with a broom or mop or you can put it in a spray bottle and spritz the carpet. If you're steam cleaning your carpets you can add the floorwash to the cleaning ingredients.

Some common botanicals to use are:

Anise Star - Protection
Bay leaves - Protection, healing, purification
Lavender - Peace, tranquility
Rosemary - Protection, healing, exorcism
Pine Needles - Protection
Cedar - Healing, protection
Clove - Protection, dispels unhappy energy
Juniper - Protection, healing
Basil - Prosperity

Some common essential oils to use are:

Camphor - Purification
Lemon Grass - Purification
Patchouli - Prosperity
Birch - Healing
Cinnamon - Prosperity
Dragon's Blood - Purification, protection, exorcism
Eucalyptus - Healing
Pine - Healing, purification, protection, prosperity

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