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Charm Pouch for Attracting Love


You will need:

One piece of red fabric
One red ribbon
Red thread and a needle 
One small heart cut from cloth
Seven pins
A clove
Dried orange rind
Dried rose petals
A small rose quartz


Create this powerful little charm on a Friday, the day devoted to Aphrodite. Ask for her blessings for this charm.

After dedicating its working to her, and for the highest good, hold your cloth heart and visualise it as the heart of your soul mate.

Take each pin and pierce the heart, invoking Aphrodite, say something like:

Aphrodite, Goddess of love
Bring your Blessings from above.
Send my lover to me please,
With Harm to None, So mote it Be!

Place the heart and the pins at the centre of the red velvet cloth. Then cover the heart with with the remainder of the ingredients, leaving the rose quartz until last.

Gather up the ends of the fabric and sew it into a little pouch.

Finally, secure the opening with the red needle and thread, then tie the pouch firmly with the red ribbon.

Hang the magical pouch over your bed, or under your bed if discretion is important.

Do not place this pouch under your pillow as the pins may prick you. When you smell the delicious aromas wafting from the pouch, remember that Aphrodite is helping you to conquer your longing and to bring you and your perfect partner together.