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Loki is a member of the Aesir tribe of gods in the Eddas and sagas.  He is a solitary and lonely figure who is surrounded by mistrust and ambivalence – with good reason as Loki constantly demonstrates a complete lack of concern for the well-being of his fellow gods.


Loki is a trickster who can shape-shift into any form or being and can be either male or female. He is an alchemist, a powerful magician, creating realities in the duality of time and illusion. He breaks the rules, sometimes maliciously, but in the end, a positive effect is usually manifested. The Trickster is an example of an archetype. He is a god, yet he is flawed, he is a fool yet he is wise. His trickery and deviousness will point out the flaws in the carefully constructed laws, society and beliefs of mankind.  He causes us to question and not accept things blindly.  He is a rebel who pokes fun at pompous seriousness, he is a schemer who plays with the Laws of the Universe and is sometimes his own worst enemy. He is the destroyer and the survivor. Through his ability to shape-shift, die and be reborn, bring chaos and reconstruction, he points out that our reality is an illusion that can be changed. He is the embodiment of the mystery of birth, death and re-birth. He is the Fool in the Tarot.


 Call on Loki when everything you have tried has failed and you need to come at a problem from a completely different perspective.  He will help you to change an outmoded way of thinking by tearing it down and starting again. Loki is the Destroyer of Worlds but at the same time, he is the saviour of us all.

Rowan Morgana 2016