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Sacred Marriage day of Zeus and Hera

 Sacred Marriage Day of Zeus and Hera Ritual

January 18


You will need:


White Altar Cloth

Yellow Candle for Hera

White Candle for Zeus

Lilies (or flowers) on Altar

Wedding Gift Offering (pomegranate seeds, honey, flowers, incense or perfume)

Libations of honey cake and wine

Offering Bowl


January 18 is the Sacred Marriage Day of Zeus and Hera. It is a good time to give honour to current relationships and to honour your partner. Think about ways that you can attain a healthy relationship. What have you done right or wrong in the past year, and what you can do in the future to be a better partner? If you are single it is a great time to honour the union of your parents.


 Before you begin your Ritual, take a purifying bath scented with an appropriate essential oil, perfume, or bath salts.  


After your bath and before the ritual proper, offer Hera and Zeus a wedding gift such as honey, flowers, or incense.  Place the offering between the yellow and white candles.  Say something like:

 Hera and Zeus, please accept my humble offering to you. 


Light the incense and say:

 I stand before the Gods to honour them on their sacred wedding day.


Light gold Hera Candle and recite a prayer to Hera:

 I shall sing of Hera, beautiful bride of Zeus, Goddess of the sky and starry heavens.

She wears a crown upon Her head and holds the royal lotus-tipped staff.

Lady Protector of women and marriage, who is Queen of all Olympia, I give you honour.


Light white Zeus candle and recite a prayer to Zeus:

 I shall Sing of Zeus, the best and the greatest of Gods,

Far-seeing, mighty, fulfiller of designs who confides

His tight-knit schemes to Themis as she sits leaning upon him.

Have mercy, far-seeing Kronides, most glorious and great!

(Homeric Hymn # 23)


Breathe deeply for a few moments, and then speak to Hera in your own words.  Tell Her of your wishes for true love, marriage, and partnership.  Express your desire to honour Her sacred vows of marriage to Zeus by respecting your own vows and promises.  Be sure to take the time to listen to what She has to say to you.  She may not speak to you in actual words so pay attention to what you are feeling both physically and emotionally.  Take heed of your thoughts and of sounds that are happening around you.  The Goddess may manifest with subtlety and it is up to you to pick up the messages that She may send to you.


When you are finished  hold up your offering of cake and say something like:

 I bring you gifts on your sacred wedding day. May you partake of them through me.


Eat the honey cake except for one bite, which is placed in the offering dish.


Hold up your offering of wine and say something like:

 To Zeus and Hera! 


Take one sip of wine and say:

With You Lady Hera, I share the first!


Take another sip of wine and say:

With you mighty Zeus, I share the second!


Take another sip of wine and say:

With you Lady Hera I share the first and last, I share the last!


Hold up the glass of wine, and then pour the rest into the offering bowl.


Thank the Goddess and God for their presence at your ritual. Extinguish the candles. Take the offering bowl outside and pour it upon the ground.

 ©Rowan Morgana 2014



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