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The Goddess Nephthys represents magick, sorcery, darkness, decay, death and immortality.  She is the sister of Isis, Osiris, and Set, the daughter of Seb and Nut, the wife of Set and the mother of Anubis.

  Nephthys guards the threshold between life and death. Isis is concerned with the energy of birth, growth, development and the visible while Nephthys represents death, decay, stagnation and the invisible. Isis and Nephthys always appear together in funerary rites representing night and day, life and death.  Nephthys embodies the transitional nature of death, assisting the dead through the different phases of the afterlife. During  Egyptian funerary rites Nephthys role was to guard the Canopic Jar which contained the lungs.

Invoke Nephthys to guard and guide you during magick workings. She has the power to “see that which is hidden by moonlight” linking Her to darkness and magick making Her popular amongst those who practise witchcraft.

Nephthys is also linked to the Crone aspect of the Goddess, as a wise old woman whose child-bearing days are over.  Invoke Her in this aspect to gain protection, wisdom and insight.



COLORS - Black, red


BIRDS – Vulture, crow, kite

ANIMAL – Snake

Rowan Morgana 2015


Encyclopedia of Spirits - Judika Illes