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Nemesis is the Greek Goddess of balance, justice, retribution, and vengeance.  Evil deeds, undeserved good fortune, and crimes that go unpunished or that bring rewards, may invoke Her wrath and remorseless justice and retribution.  Nemesis measures out happiness and unhappiness making sure that happiness does not occur excessively.  If you are arrogant before the Gods, she will mete out the punishment.  What goes around comes around and you can be sure that Nemesis will use Her powers against those who deserve it.

It is believed that Nemesis is the daughter of Nyx the dark Goddess of night and Erebus, God of the Underworld.  Her closest companion is Aidos, the Goddess of Shame. Greek prophesies suggests that when humans become more wicked than good, Nemesis and Aidos will abandon the Earth and then all hell will break loose!

Nemesis is usually depicted as a winged, woman dressed in white.  She can also be seen as a Griffon holding a Wheel of Fortune.


PLANT – Mullein

CREATURE – Griffin

SYMBOLS - The wheel, wings, whip or sword, hourglass, scales, branch laden with apples

Nemesis Wheel of Fortune - Change your Luck Spell