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Get a Date Spell
Author Unknown

 Items needed: Dates, powdered sugar, maple syrup or honey in a squirt bottle and tin foil.
 Directions: Place a date (which attracts love with its stickiness) on the table and carve your initials into it.
 to remove any obstacles in your love life, sprinkle a circle of powdered sugar around the date. with your finger, write down why you're having trouble getting a date.  Now blow the powder away. 
 On the tinfoil, use the syrup or honey to spell out  3 positive qualities you are looking for in a mate. Then rub the date in the sticky goo until the words have been erased.
 The Spell: 

Put the date in your mouth and roll it across your tongue.  Visualize your dream man coming to you. 


Note from Rowan Morgana:  Never ever visualize an actual person, this would constitute "harm" because you would be using magick to influence them and bend them to your will.