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Fortuna Good Luck Spell


 As close to a New Moon as possible, 3 hours after sunset.  If this timing is difficult you can work this magick at any time as long as you are doing the work at a waxing or full moon.



  •    Good luck petition bag
  •    Good Luck Oil - Cinnamon, Vanilla, or Wintergreen Oil.
  •    1 Green candle
  •    2 Purple candles
  •    Piece of green paper
  •    Pen and Ink
  •    Small jar
  •   Cauldron or fireproof container



Good Luck Petition Bag Herbs:

  •    Wormwood
  •    Nutmeg
  •    Pine needles
  •    Dandelion
  •    Frankincense
  •    Honeysuckle
  •    Myrrh
  •    Thyme
  •    Rose

   Put as many as these herbs as you can find, in a green piece of cloth and tie it with string.
 Place ingredients in a jar and stir it deosil (clockwise).  Let it sit for 13 nights (or until the next full moon).  Cast a Circle and light the two purple candles.  Anoint the green candle with a few drops of the good luck oil and say:


O Great Goddess Fortuna
Lady of Luck
Goddess of Fortune
Mistress of Fate
I Consecrate this Candle in Your Name and Honor

   Now light the green candle and ask the Goddess to take the form of Fortuna. Use this invocation:


O Fortuna
Lady Luck
Come to me!
Goddess of Fate,
Goddess of Fortune
I call upon Thee,
Come to me!
Enter my Circle,
Bless my Circle with life and Your magick touch.
Bless me with luck and fortune.
Great Goddess Fortuna
I invoke Thee.

   Now take the petition bag of herbs and light it on fire over the green candle and say:


By Fire and Herb
I call and summon Thee.
Enter my Circle.
Merry Meet and welcome.


Drop it into a cauldron or fireproof container and let it burn. 

Now draw a  money or fortune rune on the paper such as Gebo, a dollar sign etc.


Burn it over the candle.  Let it burn and put the ashes of the paper and petition into the jar.  Hold the jar in your hands and say:


Great Goddess Fortuna
Please bring good luck and fortune to me
So Mote it Be!
Seal the jar and put it away in a safe place.