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Faerie Dust Potion 

  To draw out the bliss inherent in our nature, create your own "fairy  dust." This potion may be used to anoint magickal tools, amulets and candles for spelling happiness. It also makes a wonderful gift.

 This special celebration of magick requires an extensive list of ingredients  including:
 -A clear, pink, amethyst, or iridescent glass vial or bottle   (Note: Hand-Blown Egyptian bottles are nice for this)
 -A small piece of polished rose quartz
 -Pieces of mica
 -A fresh flower blossom, small enough to fit in the opening of your chosen  flask (pixie carnations and sweetheart rosebuds are fitting choices, a  small lavender bud is tiny, too.)
 -Charms of fairy, butterfly, star forms
 -Pink or rainbow-hued ribbon (holographic ribbon works nicely)
 -Small bells or a chiming sphere
 -Quartz or lead crystal point
 -A piece of parchment
 -Silver and gold ink
 -A pink candle
 -A small bottle of jojoba for the potion base
 -All or any of these oils to blend: Benzoin, Geranium, Jasmine, Neroli  and Ylang-Ylang
 Listen for the sound of children's laughter as you pursue this quest, it is the most powerful fairy enchantment of all.
 During the waxing Moon, light the pink candle and set it to burn. Create a pleasing essential blend from the oils you have selected. Mix the blend with enough jojoba to fill your chosen vessel. Don't skimp. The essence should be strong.

 Crumble the mica into fine pieces. Add them to the jojoba. If you have chosen a clear vial or bottle, you may wish to give it a pale tint of pink. Tint the jojoba before mixing it with the essential oils. You may do this with a trace of red food colouring.

 Fill the vial with the jojoba, essential blend and mica particles. On the parchment, trace a circle with silver ink. Next draw four semi-circles, evenly spaced around, overlapping the first circle at the four cardinal points, to form four crescents, with the ends of the semi-circles pointing away from the centre. This represents the full moon and her four quarters. It is recognized as the Icelandic Wishing Rune.
 Picture yourself in an enraptured state of bliss, surrounded by flowers.  Your heart feels as light as a butterfly on the wing. With this feeling,  draw in gold ink, the rune, "Wunjo.  

Roll the parchment tightly and seal it with a short tie of ribbon and a  drop of pink wax. Add the following to your potion in this order: the rose quartz, the flower blossom and the parchment scroll. Stopper the bottle and seal it with a generous amount of pink wax. You want to do this by melting a pool of wax in a container only slightly larger than the top of the bottle. Invert the bottle and fully immerse the area of the opening in the melted wax. You will need to work quickly unless you have a brazier or something to keep it warm. (If you're using a bottle with a stopper, such as the Egyptian style bottles, just drop the wax evenly between the space of the stopper and the bottle.) Finish by tying with ribbon and fastening the charm(s), the crystal and the bells to the knot or bow.