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Nearly all older trees growing in the wild have an elemental spirit dwelling in them called a Dryad.  They are the energy within the tree that has taken form.  Trees that have Dryad's living in them are easy to spot if you look carefully.  The tree will have a certain "spark" or feeling and when you stand near it, the tree will seem to be a sentient being with almost human qualities.  When the tree dies or is cut down the energy is released.

Young trees in the forest usually don't have a Dryad living within it yet and it is thought that  nursery trees almost never have a resident Dryad.  If you have a young tree or one that has been purchased from a nursery you can call out and invite the energy to dwell within your tree.  It is very important that you keep your tree healthy, watering it well and giving it nourishment through compost, manure or other natural fertilizers.  A Dryad will not dwell within an unhealthy tree.

From Full Moon to Full Moon  spend a few moments every day, with your chosen tree.  Bring offerings of stones, crystals, flower petals, incense, oils, water or what have you.  Call to the Elements to combine and congeal their energy to into the creation of the tree's Dryad;

Element of Earth, I call you.
 Element of Air, I call you.
 Element of Fire, I call you.
 Element of Water, I call you.
 Bless this tree with life.


The tree spirit may not enter immediately but with care and attention the Dryad will come!


Dryad Tree Wishing Spell

Once you have found a tree that you feel has a Dryad living in it , create a wreath out of ivy, flowers or vines and place it at the base of the tree. Gather a few handfuls of pebbles and lay them in a circle around the tree.

Place your hands on the tree or sit with your back resting on it's trunk. Tell the tree spirit your wishes or desires, be sure to be respectful and humble. Spend time "listening" to the tree and absorbing the energy that it may offer to you. When you are finished, be sure to thank the tree and it's Dryad spirit.

Once your wishes come true, honor the tree by planting another of it's kind either in your yard or in the forest.

Rowan Morgana 2013