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Cauldron Blessing

May be an image of fire

Purify with Earth Air Fire Water:
By Earth do I purify you - sprinkle salt
By Water do I purify you - sprinkle water
By Fire do I purify you - pass candle around
By Air do I purify you - pass incense around

Sprinkle herbs into the cauldron,stir with the wooden spoon.
Datura to break any hexes
Cedar to purify 
Sandalwood to bless

Cauldron symbol of rebirth
Round and round within your girth
Transformation, wisdom, water
Magick from Diana's daughers.
Water, Fire, Earth and Air
To Know, To Will, and to Dare

Continue until power is raised.  
Release the power by tapping the cauldron 9 times with the wooden spoon.