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Banish Unwanted Spirits


Sometimes, through our magickal workings we attract the attention of sprits who attach themselves to ourselves or to our homes. Most of the time these spirits are not harmful and can even be helpful to us. However sometimes, inadvertently or through the use of baneful magick, malevolent spirits are attracted.  Baneful magick attracts the attention of malevolent spirits – this is another very good reason for NEVER practicing harmful magick. It is much easier to summon a spirit than it is to banish one. Once attached to you or your home the spirit may become bored or restless and begin to cause destruction and grief.



Here are some ways to banish an unwanted spirit from a home or space:


  • Create an infusion of Althea (mallow) and oil and anoint yourself  or add to your bath
  • Burn asafetida on a charcoal disc
  • Burn bamboo sticks in a large cauldron in the center of your house
  • Create banishing incense and burn
  • Asafetida
  • Bay Laurel leaves
  • Galbanum
  • Olive leaves
  • Rue
  • Saint John’s Wort
  • Salt
  • Sulphur
  • Create a bouquet of garlic blossoms and angelica flowers tied with blue ribbons and place it on your altar
  • Fill a can or jar with dried beans and shake it to drive away unwanted spirits
  • Ring a bell, preferably made of iron
  • Light a beeswax candle that has been rubbed with benzoin and frankincense oils
  • Create a potpourri of juniper, dried corn, mugwort, Saint John’s Wort, vervain, wormwood and yarrow or hang the dried plants near doors or window.  Plants may also be grown near the house for protection.
  • If your whole house seems to be infected, dress  candles with dragon’s blood oil and burn one in each room of your house
  • Burn benzoin, patchouli and sandalwood incense
  • Burn benzoin and wormwood as an incense
  • Burn dried wormwood or create a wormwood infusion by using a bowl of fresh or dried wormwood and covering it with boiling water. Use the water to spritz or asperge the area. You may also bathe in the infusion for personal protection.
  • Powder and burn jet
  • Place a mandrake root in your home
  • Blend frankincense and vetiver essential oils with honeysuckle absolute and wear or add to bathwater as protection against spirits
  • Grind frankincense, honeysuckle blossoms, roses and vetiver roots into a fine powder and burn as incense
  • Burn gound turmeric on a charcoal disc
  • Burn acorns, mistletoe and oak bark





    Items needed

    • Shallow terracotta dish
    • Black magick marker

    With the magick marker draw a picture of the spirit you wish to banish in the very center of the bowl.  Next you will write incantations, in your own words, to bind and banish the unwanted spirit. Some words which could be incorporated are “bound and sealed”  “banished for all time” The incantation should start at the outer edge of the bowl and spiral inwards, towards the center picture.  The idea is to entirely cover the whole inside of the bowl with words.  While you are writing the words envision the unwanted spirit becoming trapped within the words.  Continue this visualization, of the spirit being trapped until you are finished writing. Bury the incantation bowl upside down away from your home.




    Items needed

    • 13 rose thorns
    • Rose petals
    • Bottle or jar with a tight  fitting lid



    To trap an unwanted spirit in a bottle:

    • Drop thirteen rose thorns into a jar or bottle, one by one.  As you drop the thorns say forcefully:

    Spirit will leave me alone,

    This  bottle is its new home!

    • Cover the thorns with the petals from one rose dropping them in one by one as you continue to chant
    • Fill the jar two thirds full with Moon Water
    • Leave the jar open and unattended overnight
    • Before the sun rises, close the jar tight.
    • Wrap the jar in fabric and bury far from your home.



    Source: The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells – Judika Illes