Full Storm Moon in Virgo  March 5 @ 10:36 AM PST


Virgo Moon best time to work magick for healing, to get a job, or to learn something new.

We are standing on the threshold of the Eclipses starting with the Solar Eclipse - New Moon on March 20 2015 


Ostara Sabbat

March 19, 20, or 22nd depending on the Vernal Equinox 

Ostara Sabbat occurs on the Vernal Equinox, as the Sun moves from Pisces into Aries (usually on the 20th or 21st day of March). Ostara represents the first day of Spring, a time of balance between the hours of daylight and darkness as Mother Earth awakens from her dormant period of rest.  The Sun God's strength increases, the Maiden Goddess celebrates Her fertility.

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Ostara Blessing

May Ostara bring joy and easiness into your lives,
May her fertility be passed over to you 
and may your dreams, ideas, wishes, plans ripen and bear new fruits.

May the loveliness of spring open your hearts and may you understand the beauty of being and take it in.

Full of strength and new energy you shall walk into the brightness of the awakening spring and you shall leave the darkness of the past time behind.

Let go all former burdens and get rid of the ballast still hindering you.
Free and with new strength your feet shall carry you towards dawn.

May Ostara bless you all!

Author: Tricia Danby


Ostara Book of Shadows Pages

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Ostara Correspondences

Ostara Goddess Eostre

Ostara Faerie Egg Spell

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March Calendar of          Events

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March 1 - Feast of Rhiannon

March 4 - Festival of Flowers dedicated to Flora & Hecate

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day

March 18 - Celtic Tree Month of Alder Begins

March 18 - Day of honor for Sheelah-Na-Gig

March 20 - Isis Spring Havest Festival

 March 19 - 21 Ostara   Sabbat

March 31 - Festival of Luna the Moon Goddess

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