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Yule Wishing Spell

You will need:

Wooden Box
Red Ribbon - 8 pieces
Plain Paper and Pen
Parchment Paper cut into 8 squares
Dragon's Blood Ink
8 Orange Candles
Matches or lighter
Something to inscribe the candles (rose thorn, nut pick etc.)
Incense Burner
Charcoal Disc 


Grind cinnamon, ginger and clove in your mortar and pestle


Attraction Oil:

Carrier oil – 1 oz (sweet almond)
Lovage Herb – tsp
Lemon Peel – tsp
Rose Petals -tsp
Lemon Balm -1/2 Tsp
Small piece of Lodestone


Yule is a time of new beginnings and is the perfect time to sow the seeds of new achievements for the coming year.

Be sure to have all the spell ingredients handy before starting the magick.

On a plain piece of paper write down all that you wish for in the coming year. Don't hold back or judge your wishes, just let your desire flow from your heart to the words you're writing.

When you have put down everything that you desire, re-read your list and begin to narrow it down to eight or fewer wishes. To "narrow down" you can remove some of the less important wishes. Jot down a symbol for each wish such as a dollar sign for money, a heart for love etc.

On the night of Winter Solstice write one wish on each piece of parchment paper square and put the designated symbol for the wish on the opposite side of the paper square. Sit comfortably and arrange the wishes in a circle around you with the symbols facing up.

Light the charcoal and place it in the burner.

Inscribe one symbol on each orange candle and anoint with the oil (from the middle to its top towards you and then from its middle to its bottom towards you again), and put it behind its corresponding paper square.

Put the incense on the charcoal and as the smoke begins to curl around you say a silent prayer to your chosen God/dess.

Begin lighting the candles around you moving deosil and beginning in the East. As you light each candle, say something like:

Candle flame, burning bright
(state the name of the wish) begins tonight!

Once all the candles are lit, beginning at the Eastern candle visualize each fulfilled wish in turn. Take your time and be sure to see the wishes as already manifested in your life. After visualizing each wish, take the piece of paper and roll it into a scroll. Bind your wish with the red ribbon tied in a knot. Place your wish in the wooden box. Continue in this manner until all your wish charms are in the box.

When you are finished with the visualizations and binding, silently thank the God/dess of your choice. Be sure to center and ground yourself. Place the candles somewhere safe and allow them to burn out naturally.

The box of wish charms may be placed under your bed or in your nightstand and left until next Yule.


Rowan Morgana 2013


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