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Wheel of Fortune Change your Luck Spell

You will need:
White candle
Vanilla essential oil
White feather
White flower
White stone
Ceremonial broom

Incense and holder
Pen and paper
Heatproof container


Before you begin to gather all the ingredients.  Dress and bless the candle by carving it with a wheel of fortune, a horseshoe, lucky clover and your name and birth date. Anoint the candle with vanilla essential oil OR you can use vanilla extract from your baking cupboard.

On a night when the Moon is waning, Cast a Circle in the usual way; include a sprinkling of salt around the perimeter. Place white flowers, a white feather and a white stone in the centre of the Circle and pray:

Goddess Nemesis, I ask that you turn the wheel in my favour.  Please accept these gifts as my offering to you. I offer them with humility and love. So Mote it be!


Sweep the Circle Widdershins with a ceremonial broom chanting:

Sweep away with magick broom
All misfortune bringing gloom.


Light a stick of incense; cense each Quarter beginning in the North and moving Widdershins while chanting

Northern (Western, Southern, Eastern) Quarter I purify
Misfortune now, like smoke will fly.


Light the white candle and chant:

Candle flame is burning bright
Bad luck flies into the night.


Write down all the bad luck that you have been experiencing and then set it alight and place it in the heatproof container.


My bad luck goes up in smoke
Now good luck I do invoke.


Ring your bell and clap your hands, then say:

Bell will call good luck to me,
Clapping hands will set it free.


Now you will physically begin to “turn the wheel” in your favour!  Stand in the centre of your Circle and with arms outspread spin Deosil while visualizing the Wheel of Fortune bringing you good luck.  

When you are finished, snuff the candle, open your Circle and dispose of the candle and paper ashes by burying them or throwing them into moving water.  Place the offerings outdoors.

© Rowan Morgana 2015

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