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 Void of Course Moonfull moon view at night

What is Void of Course and why shouldn't we work magick when the Moon is Void of Course?

Every month Moon moves through the 12 signs of the Zodiac as seen from Earth, every two and a half days. Each sign has its own unique energy and influence on our lives and on the Moon's magickal energy. The wise witch taps into the energy of the Zodiac signs as the Moon passes through, them as well as using the Moon's phases to increase our spell's potency.    For instance, Waning Moon in Scorpio would be a good time to unearth a secret, or cool down an overly lustful partner!

As the Moon moves from one sign to another, there is a period of time when the Moon is between the signs and is not receiving any planetary energy. This aspect, when the Moon is incommunicado with the other signs, is called Void of Course and may last anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours. The Moon's energy and influence are greatly reduced or corrupted, and it is not a good idea to work magick or start anything new and important. Any magick or projects begun at the Void of Course Moon may fall short or fail completely.  Avoid job interviews, signing agreements, buying a house, getting married, making important decisions, starting new relationships and channelling.

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