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Study Spells

Study Spell 1

Use a yellow candle (intelligence, accelerated learning, memory, and all that other good stuff)and cleansed, consecrated, and empowered quartz....with the quartz you would scratch the rune appropriate to your need...

I use the order rune (three squares inside of each other).... if you’re not sure of the appropriate rune, just draw a symbol that signifies your need.

As you scratch the symbol you have to visualize your need.You have to see in your mind you've already passed the exam...or you passed the class.... See yourself studying, concentrating, focusing.... You have to really feel and see this is going to happen. Now you would place the candle in a holder... Put the crystal near the candle and light the wick...leave the candle to burn and again visualize...

Also you carry around different gems and stones.  These should be worn or carried around with you....

Bloodstone: removes mental and physical blocks
Fluorite: Strengthen analytical and intellectual abilities
Rhodhochrosite: Gives energy to keep you going
Smoky quartz: Energizer
Sodalite: stress reducer
Sunstone: Energizer
Falcons eye: Enables you to focus
Turquoise: Verbal communication


For a productive School-day

Before heading to school, sit cross-legged facing East. Say:

Goddess of Wisdom, be with me this day,
As I go forth to seek knowledge,
Guide my path and let my mind be open.
So mote it be!

It's also a good idea to carry a sachet throughout the day.
And don't forget to thank the Goddess when you return home.