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Scarecrow Protection Spell

Making a scarecrow can be as simple as gluing two Popsicle sticks together in a crosswise position and embellishing with paper, or as complex as a man-sized scarecrow dressed in old clothes and stuffed with straw. You can even purchase one of those cute ready-made scarecrow decorations that are everywhere in the autumn, cut it open, add the magickal ingredients, and then sew it closed. This works really well if you have limited space, live in an apartment, or don’t have the inclination to make a full sized scarecrow. 


 If you do want to make a full sized scarecrow here’s a great link:


Many people believe that scarecrows have an inherent magickal power that can protect you from, and ward off, baneful unwanted energy. They are used not only to frighten birds in the garden, but to protect your home, property or sacred space.  While you construct your scarecrow, you will want to enchant or charge it with protective energy. Be sure to visualize strongly during the whole scarecrow making process.


Day of the Week - Monday, Saturday or Sunday or when the Sun is in Cancer or Taurus

Moon Phase - Full or Waxing

You will need:

Old clothing

Straw, rags, herbs etc. for stuffing

Amethyst or clear quartz crystal

Raven, crow or black feather

A small piece of paper or parchment


Protective herbs such as agrimony, angelica, basil, broom, chrysanthemum, dill, fennel, fern, feverfew, heather, lavender, marjoram, peony, spearmint, thyme, valerian, Vervain, yarrow (choose as many or as few as you wish)

Essential Oil - anise, bergamot, cinnamon, clove, dragon's blood, frankincense, heliotrope, jasmine, sandalwood, cinquefoil, cedar, gardenia, myrrh, nutmeg, rose geranium, rosemary, rue, juniper, pink grapefruit, niaouli, pine, vetivert (choose one)


Gather all the materials that you will need to create your scarecrow.  Once you have nailed, glued, or screwed the crosspieces together, or opened the body of a ready-made scarecrow, dress and stuff it while chanting:


Scarecrow filled with magick power

Protects me each and every hour.


On a small piece of paper or parchment write the number 4 and the Rune  TIWAZ,  fold the paper and place it inside the scarecrow.  Chant three times:


Number four protects with might

                        TIWAZ  rune adds to the fight.


Place the black feather deep inside the scarecrow body and chant three times:


Raven feather, black as night

Add your power to this rite.


Place the quartz or amethyst crystal inside the scarecrow and chant three times:


Magick power of this stone

Protects me and my hearth and home.


Place a small handful of the herbs inside the scarecrow and chant three times:


Herbs of power, inside will go.

To provide a protective glow.


Finish the scarecrow so that it is complete.  If you are doing any sewing, be sure to empower each stitch with protective energy.


Say a short personal prayer to whatever Deity your worship:  


Bless this object with thy light ,

May it protect me both day and night.


Anoint the scarecrow with a few drops of the essential oil. 

Say forcefully “it is done!”


Place your scarecrow so that it faces south.  Every few weeks, light a stick of incense or anoint the scarecrow with essential oil as an offering.


© Rowan Morgana 2014