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Rite of the Qabalistic Cross 


The purpose of the Rite of the Qabalistic Cross is to bring you into the here and now, consciously awake in the present moment.  It is an active meditation which will focus and integrate one’s whole self (body, mind, imagination, emotions) towards the ideal balanced Higher Self.  You may feel streams of energy passing through your body.

  This High Magick Ritual is meant to remind you that you are the exact center of your own universe and that everything you see, think, and feel is created by you. 

  I have added the meanings of the words in capital letters at the end of each section and their deeper meaning in italics.



 1.      Stand West of the Altar facing East.  Imagine you are expanding, getting larger and larger.  Visualize yourself standing with the Earth beneath your feet and it is the size of a soccer ball.  Imagine yourself continuing to grow and expand, until you are so large that entire galaxies spin around you.  Visualize a ball of brilliant white Light, burning like a star, directly above your head.  Raise your Athame in your right hand above your head, pointing straight up, and pierce the star with the Athame.  Visualize a shaft of white Light rising vertically from the star above your head to infinity.  Vibrate A - TA while lowering the Athame down to touch first your forehead (while vibrating A) then down to touch your heart (while vibrating TA).  Extend the shaft of light down with your Athame.  (UNTO THEE) The God/dess comes to you as a point of light that bursts above your head. As Above

  2.      Lower the Athame to the groin area, with the tip still pointing straight up (never point the tip of your Athame towards the earth).  Vibrate MAL-KUT. Visualize a vertical shaft of white Light, descending from the star above your head to another star beneath your feet, and onward, through the centre of the Earth to infinity.  (THE KINGDOM)  The Kingdom is Our Great Mother Earth, Gaia.  It is energy, the atom, matter, time and space, the real world where we live and die.  It is our inheritance and our sanctuary. So Below

  3.      Touch your right shoulder with the point of the Athame, (you should feel the sharp tip), and vibrate VE-GE-VU-RA.  Visualize another star shining where the Athame is touching your shoulder, and a shaft of white Light, extending horizontally to your right and on to infinity. (THE POWER) This refers to your personal power, your physical, magickal, spiritual strength.

   4.      Touch your left shoulder with the point of the Athame, and vibrate VE-GE-DU-LA.  Visualize another star at the place where the Athame is touching your shoulder and a shaft of Light extending horizontally to your left, to infinity. (THE GLORY) This is your authority based on self-knowledge, which governs your use of power and makes it righteous.

  5.      Bring the Athame, pointing upward to your head, Move it in a circular (widdershins) motion several times while you vibrate LE-O-LAM. (UNTO THE AGES) You accept the karmic consequences of your past and present lives.

   6.    Clasp your hand together over the center of your chest.  Interlace your fingers and hold the Athame between your knuckles, pointing upward.  Extend your elbows horizontally, alone the plane of the horizontal shafts of Light, extending from the stars at your shoulders.  Visualize yourself, standing at the centre of a blazing Cross of white Light, which extends to the ends of the Universe, and you vibrate A-MEN. (I ACCEPT) You have taken your rightful responsibilities into your own hands.