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Hii this is so cool and I'm so glad I found this site. So much information and knowledge! Thank you!!

I love your site. Very informative.

Thank you for all your helpful information. Stumbled upon your site and it definitely is what I’ve been seeking.

Synchronistically presented this beautifully designed site almost five years ago after encountering a Faerie during my Predawn stroll in Oak Park Illinois... she, actually was playing with Me. Which Eye attributed her playful behavior to my awakened vibrational frequency. Just recovered from a stroke, ever so often “ She” shows up. {?}

I found this site a while ago thanks to the recommendation of another witch on youtube! It's generally my first go-to for correspondences and such; I find all the knowledge wonderful to soak up! Thank you! ♥

I just don't know how I ended up on your webpage but... I'm sure it was meant to be... thank you thank you thank you...

Hi there just wanted to say hi say that I have found this website I find it very interesting and useful. I am Celtic and have been at least for at least 25 years. Rhiannon is my goddess. I am very interested in Celtic history.

Thank you so much for this website!! It feels if I were brought here! blessed be

Love this website! It's a really handy guide!

I found your site quite by accident, searching for Book of Shadow pages. Love it! You are still active I hope? If I ever have any questions, might I approach you?
I have practiced sporadically over the years but now that I ama Drone I am settled into my spiritual pursuit more. Thank you for all the wonderful sharing you do!

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