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What you're doing here is an amazing tool for those just coming into practice,
Blessed Be


Glad I found this page. I'm new to studying Wicca though I have been one with the magic around me since I was young and have used it in positive ways. I am hoping to receive knowledge from your site.

Blessings on this Ostara - may everything be equal and balanced in your life.

Hi ! I have just find your amazing website and I really love there ! I am a young witchcraft learner and I'm sure, in this place I will improve myself !

I am a solitary/newly practicing Pagan. I wanted to thank you for keeping your site updated. I know life gets in the way and it's not always easy to keep up on things. Your site has already been a good resource for me in many ways.

Also, aren't we so fortunate to live in the PNW? So many wonderful resources here.

I finally found a fairy dust potion!! Thank you!!! I've been searching for ages!!

I'm in love with this website. I am a new Eclectic Wiccan and your website has been a great resource to begin my Book of Shadows. This site is very resourceful and enlightening. I thank you deeply for taking time out of your life to put this together for others.
Blessed be,



I just wanted to tell you how much I love your website! It's such a wonderful, enchanting, and informative place, I don't want to leave!

I found you while doing research on Rhiannon who's made her presence in my life known with welcome and blessing!

Thank you for providing such a fantastic place to visit and learn!

Much Love!

I found your amazing site on my quest to learn more of my queen, The Morrigan.
I have so much in common with my lady, thank you so much for your wonderful video, its beautiful xx

On the night of Sunday of the Blood Wolf Full Moon Lunar Eclipse I enjoyed your site thank you Blessed Be

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