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I am a new pagan trying to find my way, I was looking for some direction on Artemis because I have always felt connected to her. This website helped me. Thank you!

i love your website. it is very iformational to me.

Stumbled upon this site while researching the Celtic Tree Month of Rowan. Glad I did! Cheers ☘️

I've been looking for a website that provides a good amount of infomation for my studies as a begginer witch, and this has been extremely helpful so thank you very much! Blessed be!

Thank you for sharing this knowledge.

Thx you so much for sharing. I just need to know the amounts I need to use with the recipes that doesn't have any measurements. Also, how do you measure by "parts?"

Thank you for sharing such a lovely site. I will recommend it to my Circle sisters. I am a 76 year old Wiccan priestess and my Circle of the Sacred Wheel is a democratic coven where we take turns leading rituals as High Priestess in Sacramento, California, USA. Blessed Be!

Very soothing and thorough site . This release like a portable altar OrBos.

Excellent site, thank for you time and effort putting it together.
Blessed Be
Best Wishes from Manchester UK .

Love everything about this site. Learning more about to type of Wiccan I want to be and this has been very helpful. Would love to see more about Leto though.

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