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I am so glad that i found this site! I have learned a lot from you and i will continue to learn more! Thank you for what you do.

Hello. Thank you for creating this site. The previous one I used is no longer fit for my use. I am a solitary practitioner which can be challenging but I am glad to have found a site like this to help me out when the need arises.
Blessed be!

Very excited to learn some more from this site and use it as a place to study! Happy Litha!

Good Afternoon,

I'm very happy to have found your website. I've gotten some great new alter ideas, thank you. With all the emotional changes taken place worldwide I'm so grateful to have a place to come to for positive reinforcement. I need to do serious self healing for autoimmune disorders. I've been in so much pain & exhaustion. If there's an healer in Northern Ca. Marin County please contact me. Sending my heartfelt love to all. Blessed be. Kim ⭐


I've tried out religion, and it always felt too restrictive. I was never happy. After meeting a close friend of mine who practices aspects of Wiccan, I decided to look into it. I seems so freeing. You can practically do anything. I'm looking for healing, guidance, and tranquility. This is definitely the path for me!

Hi. Flower.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and holding space, this world needs more of us to come out of the broom closet and make magic together and shine our light, our combined power will shift and create a new sacred world and existence...Shine on SiStar! Blessed Be

Thanks for making this site ! So much useful info ! Love and Light <3

hello, I just discovered this site, love reading

Dear Sister,
Thank you for what you do ❤️ Yesterday I was calling to a goddess to work with for this for this months dark moon (I am part of a small dark moon circle here in Illinois) and Goddess Maia heard my call. Always grateful for such magical synchronization, especially at this very time on our planet.
I’ve been feeling her and now know who She is

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