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Always happy to connect with a like minded witch here in the Otherworld of the internet. Enjoy the Celtic Druidic Tree content especially!

Blessed BE!
Kathy Crabbe
Soul Reader, Witch, Oracle Deck Maker

I have followed the moon for many years. In a solitary way. I’m always learning. Thank you.

hi morgana id like to say thanks for the help im still a little new as a witch and ive lerned about the horned god because of you and opend so many doors for me its kinda hard doing this alone i hope i find someone

Thank you.

I loved this website. I learned so much. Thank you.

greetings rowan morgana !

we had such a lovely time browsing your website. especially loved your correspondences with the werewolf.

best wishes,
molly + matthew

Thank you for this I love your website.

I am a new pagan trying to find my way, I was looking for some direction on Artemis because I have always felt connected to her. This website helped me. Thank you!

i love your website. it is very iformational to me.

Stumbled upon this site while researching the Celtic Tree Month of Rowan. Glad I did! Cheers ☘️

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