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Protection from Nightmares

You will need:

  • A small midnight blue bag or pouch
  • String or ribbon if the bag does not have a drawstring
  • Catnip, rosemary & chamomile dried herbs
  • A small pebble or stone
  • A midnight blue candle & candle holder
  • Matches or lighter
  • A few drops of  anise essential oil
  • The Rune ALGIZ for Protection and Defense.






Within a Cast Circle, on the night of the Dark Moon gather all spell ingredients.


Inscribe the Rune ALGIZ  on the candle while visualizing protection and defence.  Anoint the candle with the essential oil while strongly maintaining your magickal intention.



Light the candle and place it in the holder.


Hold each herb in your hand and empower them with your intention to protect against and banish nightmares. Be sure to maintain complete concentration on your desired goal.


 Place the herbs one by one in the pouch.


Hold the small stone or pebble in your hand and empower it with the intention of warding off nightmares.   The stone represents the Element of Earth, and will ground you to Middle Earth during the night.  Place the pebble in the pouch.


Seal the spell by trying nine knots using the ribbon if your pouch doesn’t have a drawstring.  As you tie the knots, send as much power and intention as you can into each knot.  Each knot will also have one word that is spoken aloud:


  • 1st knot – MAGICK
  • 2ND  knot – SEALED
  • 3rd  knot – SPELL
  • 4TH  knot – COMPLETE
  • 5th knot – NIGHTMARES
  • 6th knot – BANISHED
  • 7th knot –MY
  • 8th knot – WILL
  • 9th knot – DONE!

If safe to do so, allow the candle to burn down.  Open the Circle.

Place the pouch under your pillow every night until the New Moon, then bury the pouch or throw it into moving water.


Rowan Morgana 2014