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Night of Hecate Spell


The Night of Hecate begins at sundown on November 16. 

Items needed:

Cauldron covered with a black cloth

Within a cast circle, holding the wand in your power hand,

tap the cauldron 5 times. Say:

Hecate Wise One, I ask your blessings.
Lift the Veil for me that I may greet my spirit helpers,
Long -ago friends from other lives, and those who are new.
Let only those who wish me well enter within this sacred place.


Uncover the cauldron. Raise the apple up as an offering, then lay it on the altar and say:

Hecate, your magick cauldron is the well of death and rebirth,
An experience each of us undergoes again and again.
Let there be no fear in me, for I know your gentleness.
Here is your secret symbol of life in death.

Cut the apple crosswise with the knife. Meditate on the revealed Pentagram in the core. Put the two halves of the apple into the cauldron and cover it again with the black cloth and say:

Only the initiated may know your hidden Mysteries.
Only the true seekers may find the spiral way.
Only those who know your many secret faces
 May find the Light that leads to the Inner Way.   

Put a pinch of salt on your tongue and say:

I am mortal, yet immortal.
There is no end to life, only new beginnings.
I walk beside the Goddess in Her many forms.
Therefore, I have nothing to fear.
Open my mind and heart and soul
To the Deep Mysteries of the Cauldron, O Hecate

Spend some time in contemplative meditation seeking Hecate. Listen to Her messages. Be aware of any new guides and teaches who may come through to help you.
D.J. Conway - Moon Magick