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New Year's Eve Spell


Instead of making a New Year's resolution, that will probably be promptly broken, Cast a  Spell to create a desirable reality for you in the New Year.  By focusing your attention on changes you would like to manifest, you set the wheels in motion to align reality to your desires.


 The main idea of this spell is to use the visual "key" of the 12 houses of the Zodiac like a clock to help you set your intention for the 12 months of the coming year. You will cast a simple spell and light a candle for each clock position starting with Aries and ending with Pisces.  Once the whole Zodiac Wheel has been completed, you will bless your beautiful Circle of Lights and set the spell into motion.



Zodiac Correspondences to help you set your intention for each house of the Wheel.

1 – Aries – Seeds, new beginnings, inspiration, new projects, birth.

 2 – Taurus – Earthly success, material wealth, physical health.

 3 – Gemini – Communication, messages, information.

 4 – Cancer – Relationships with self, other people and higher forces.

 5 – Leo – Art, romance, luck, free will, creativity, love.

 6 – Virgo – Service, family, community, organisation.

 7 – Libra – Harmony, balance, negotiations, resolutions.

 8 – Scorpio – Magic, philosophy, sex, death, alchemy.

 9 – Sagittarius – Spirituality, universal consciousness, law, science.

 10 – Capricorn – Power, authority, fame, empire building.

 11 – Aquarius – Renewal, evolution, transcending the old, trans-personal.

 12 – Pisces – Soul, karmic matters, mysteries, far journeys.


Print or copy the 12 houses of the Zodiac below and arrange the houses in a circle on your Altar or place the whole Wheel on your Altar.

To print right-click the image and "save as"



Spend some time thinking about what you wish to manifest in each house in the New Year and make a note of it on a spare piece of paper. Be clear in your mind what you are going to ask for on each one of the positions.

For example, 1, Aries, is about new beginnings. What do you want to begin or start afresh? Make up your mind and write it down.,

When you are ready to begin the spell,  relax, loosen up any tense body parts, take three deep breaths and evoke:


On this night,

I bless the year to come

My prayer be heard,

My will be done.


 Beginning  in Aries,  write your desire in the Aries section and chant:

 Lady and Lord

I ask of thee:

Bring (add your desire) to me

With Harm to None

So Mote it Be!


Light the first candle, and place it in the Aries position.

Take a deep breath in and out and clear your mind.

Next move to the Taurus section and continue in this manner writing your desire on the Wheel, chanting and lighting a candle for each section until the whole Circle of Lights is complete.

 Place both hands with palms extended over the Circle of Lights and move them in a clockwise direction. Seal the spell by chanting:


On this night

I bless the year to come

My prayer was heard,

With harm to none, it is done!


 Snuff the candles or if safe/possible, leave the candles to burn out through the rest of the night.


by StarFields

Adapted by Rowan Morgana 2015