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Solitary New Moon Ritual


This simple New Moon Ritual requires nothing more than you and your imagination!  


In the evening when the sun has set find a quiet, private, spot outdoors.

Breathe deeply and release all baneful energy, allow it to flow out through the soles of your feet into the Earth.

Spend a few moments grounding and centring - allow yourself to feel firmly rooted in the Earth, allow the Earth's energy to flow into your body, pooling at your center.

Cast a simple Circle around you - face the East with arms outstretched and slowly circle deosil (clockwise) three times while chanting:

East, South, West and North
Guard my Circle, I call you forth!

Visualize yourself completely enveloped in a protective sphere. Allow the energy of the Moon to gather within your Circle. Invite the Goddess and God to join you, offer Them your love and trust.

Spend some time feeling the energy. Take note of your thoughts or emotions. Be open to any messages that may be given to you - this could be a word or sentence or picture heard or seen in your mind, or the appearance of an animal or bird, a sound or a scent. When you are within a Magick Circle nothing is random, all has meaning.


New Moon is a time of new beginnings. What would you like to accomplish during the coming month? During the coming season? Year? Place your goal firmly in your mind, then let it go, release it to the Universe. Trust that you have been heard and that all will unfold as it should.


When you are ready to break the Circle, thank the Goddess and God for their presence and aid.
Facing North, with arms outstretched turn slowly widdershins (counter-clockwise) three times. Visualize the bubble of protection becoming thinner and thinner until it "pops" and disappears.

©Rowan Morgana 2014