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Morrigan, Morrigan Three times Three,
Hear the words I ask of Thee.
Grant me vision, Grant me power,
Cheer me in my darkest hour.
As the night overtakes the day,
Morrigan, Morrigan Light my way. . .
Morrigan Morrigan Raven Queen,
Round and round the Hawthorn green.
Queen of beauty, Queen of Art,
Yours my body, Yours my heart.
All my trust I place in thee,
Morrigan Morrigan Be with me. . .

~ Luna’s Grimoire ~

I call upon thee, O Great Morrigan,
Threefold Goddess of  Power
From the depths of Lir, from the world of man,
From the reaches of  Uindimagos
Do I call on thee
To descend upon my body
Thy servant and  priestess
And lend your energies to me this day
As I walk in the human  world
Ever seeking balance

Silver Ravenwolf

O Crow Goddess come!
Lady of the Reaping, Lady of the  Ravens
Light of Darkness, Giver of Rebirth!
She who walks the Warrior  Path,
Great Morrigan, Red Queen!
I greet your beauty, your shadowed  jewel
At the height of your Powers.
I greet you with a rite in your  honour,
Lady of Many Forms.
Tri-fold Lady;
With your sisters at your  side I would honour you,
And call you to join us this night.
I would  hear the words of the Raven Queen,
She who watches over all, and has many forms.
Great Morrigan,
Wherever you may be, I seek your blessing.
Lady of the Dark Moon,
Be with me this night, and witness my  ritual,
Held in your honour.
So mote it be!