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Mirror Magick


And moving through a mirror clear

That hangs before her all the year,

Shadows of the world appear.

"The Lady of Shalott" Alfred Lord Tennyson




Any mirror can be enchanted by the Sun to become a magick mirror.  They can be portals into other realms, they can be used for divination, or for spells, and they can be used to reflect a spell back onto the sender.  I personally don’t recommend using a mirror to reflect baneful energy back to the sender and I wouldn't post a spell that can cause harm to another.

 Why not use a mirror to reflect back baneful energy? Here are some reasons:

1. Sometimes, the problems we are encountering are not actually being created by an outside force, but are manifestations of unhealthy habits or thoughts from within ourselves. If you use mirror magick to reflect back the unwanted energy to it's source, then you would be attacking yourself. You would be causing harm to yourself.

2. Sometimes we are effected by a stream of energy that has been unintentionally directed at us. A person who is not adept at witchcraft could easily send out baneful energy willy-nilly after unwittingly creating a Cone of Power though intense anger or rage without conscious intention of harm. If you, as a witch consciously return that energy to the sender, you are harming someone who meant you no harm.

3. The Law of Three will return the harmful energy you three-fold. The basic laws of magick are that everything you do causes something to happen. Whatever you do comes back to you.

4. If you are being consciously attacked by someone who is adept at focusing and channeling energy, then you can be sure that they are also adept at sensing the energy reflected back. So then, the attacker would reflect the reflected energy back at you, and then you would reflect the energy back. Do you see where this is going? You would end up with a battle of energy balls being fired back and forth forever.

5. If you consciously put up mirror barriers with the intention of sending back harmful energy, you will awaken the attention of the Watchtower Guardians. Mirror energy passes through the Astral Plane and comes to the immediate attention of the Guardians where it is dealt with immediately. If you are sending back harmful energy the Guardians perceive it as "attack" energy sent towards a specific target. The Guardians will follow the energy source back to you and deal with it.


Here is a technique to remedy the situation that you're encountering without harming anyone else in the process.



Drawing Down the Sun with a Mirror


Drawing Down the Sun is really easy to do, but it’s also potentially dangerous. Here are some safety measures to heed while Drawing Down the Sun:


  • Don’t look into the mirror until the Ritual is complete
  • Keep your eyes averted
  • Don’t perform this ritual near paper, dried leaves or other flammable items
  • Be sure that no one is nearby who could be blinded or burned


On a bright sunny day hold a small mirror in the palm of your hand and tilt it to catch direct sunlight.  Do this for no more than 9 seconds.  After 9 seconds your mirror will be fully charged.  Reserve the mirror for magickal purposes only when your spell crafting calls for Sun Energy.


 Mirror Magick


Mirror Beauty Spell


You will need:

  • A new unused mirror.
  • A piece of black or red silk cloth big enough to enfold the mirror
  • Rose water or Rose essential oil


  1. Cleanse the mirror of all previous energies by putting it under running water, or hold it over incense smoke.


  1. Sit comfortably, and drop seven drops of the oil or the water on the surface of the mirror and using the piece of cloth sweep the surface with circular moves clockwise looking in the mirror and seeing yourself as you want to be. Take as much time as you need. Then immediately cover the mirror with the cloth and put it in a safe place.


  1. Repeat the ritual many times till you start seeing visual changes in your looks and then do it as often as you need it. Start from little and believable to you changes and then you may proceed to greater ones. A very powerful day for beauty spells is coming; the Beltane. Use it if you want to begin using your beauty mirror.


Mirror Beauty Spell 2


Mirror mirror on the wall,who is the fairest of them all?

I clear my gaze, I seek to see, the beauty that resides in me.


Make it shine and make it bright, like a beacon in the night

clear for me and all to see the love and beauty that is me.


Mirror Mirror on the wall,who is the fairest of them all?

Clear for me and all to see, eternal beauty lives in me.

This is my will, so it will be.

Repeat 3x, 3x a day, for 3x3 days - and notice the difference!


  Magic Mirror Banishing Spell


Use a magic mirror to capture and banish unwanted spiritual entities.


1. On a bright, sunny day, slowly traverse the infested area, holding the mirror in your hand, tilting it and directing it so that the mirror may capture literally every square inch of the area for at least a few moments each.


2. When you've finished, hold the mirror face down or wrap it in dark fabric.


3. Immediately take the mirror outside and suddenly expose the mirror's face to the sun, for no more than nine seconds. Captured baneful energy and malevolence are burned out and destroyed.


4. Cleanse the area and post protective amulets or sprinkle herbs or magick oils in the area.


5. You and your magick mirror now require thorough spiritual cleansing.


Mirror Gazing to Contact the Spirit of a Deceased Loved One


  1. This should be done in a dark and quiet room. Use a fan or a white noise device to block outside noises (ear plugs may also work). The lack of light and noise assists you in achieving a deeper meditative state while making it less likely that you'll be startled out of your trance by outside noises.


  1. Place a lit candle behind you. It will provide indirect light. You shouldn't be able to see the candle flame. It's meant to put out a very dim light in the room.


  1. Gather personal items from the spirit that you wish to connect with and lay them around you close enough to touch them from your seated position in front of the mirror.


  1. Sit quietly in front of the mirror and hold one of the items that remind you of your loved one. Think about your loved one and mentally ask them to come and communicate with you.


  1. You may close your eyes or look away from the mirror as you take some time to relax. Breathe deeply. An easy way to relax is to breathe in to the slow count of five, hold the breath for five seconds, then breathe out very slowly to the count of five. After you do this several times you will notice that you are very relaxed.


  1. With unfocused eyes, gaze into the mirror. You will eventually begin to see the mirror clouding over. Try not to focus on the cloudy shapes that pass by. Just let them pass and keep staring off into the space, into the mirror.


  1. Continue gazing at the clouded mirror as you reach out and touch the other items around you and/or connect with the energy of the item in your hand. If you have a piece of fabric or a cologne bottle that smells like your loved one, pick it up and smell it as you continue gazing.


  1. If you are in a deep enough trance state, you will eventually begin to see the clouds taking the form of a human shape or shapes. Or you may hear your loved one's voice speak to you, either aloud or in your mind. Many people using this technique have seen (in the mirror) their loved one walk up and stand next to them and they had a conversation or a mental exchange of thoughts and feelings. Sometimes the loved one will appear to you and simply smile or wave. You may first see a group of people and then your loved one will walk out from the group to greet you




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