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Magickal Scented Pinecones

These pine cones are burned in the fireplace or cauldron.


2x2-inch pine cones (about 24)
Frankincense powder (1/4 cup, approximately 2 ounces)
Myrrh powder (1/2 cup, approximately 4 ounces)
Gold Glitter (1/4 cup)
White Crafts Glue
Cellophane bags (available from florist or crafts supply store)
Shallow container, such as a shoebox lid
Gold filigree ribbon



1. Rinse pine cones with water. Lay cones on an old cookie sheet and place in 300 degrees oven for one hour. Spread cones out on layers of newspapers and set aside to complete drying.

2. Blend frankincense, myrrh, and glitter in a shallow container. Dab glue on tips of pine cone petals and on the bottom of the cone. Roll cone in a mixture of powder and glitter. Set cones aside to dry.

3. Package in a handful of dried cones in cellophane bags to give as gifts. Tie bag shut with gold filigree ribbon. Attach a label with a holiday greeting and instructions for using the pine cones:

Enjoy the aromatic incense the cones release when burned. Toss a cone or two onto hot embers, and inhale the earthy fragrance.

Or, set the cones in a dish for a more subtly fragrant decoration.

By Vanessa Richins Myers