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Planetary Magick Squares

Magick squares are an arrangement of numbers in a square grid where the numbers in each row, and in each column, and the numbers that run diagonally in both directions, all add up to the same number. A magick square also has the same number of rows as it does columns. The sum of every row, column and diagonal is called the magic constant or magic sum,

Planetary Magick squares use the numbers 3 through 9 and are used to attract the influence of the planets and their angels or demons during magickal practices. They are, quite simply, grids bearing numbers relative to that planet and its corresponding mathematical calculations:







 So how do we use planetary squares in magick? Select a planet whose energies align with the qualities you wish to invoke.   Let's use  Venus as an example for a love magick sigil.  Let's think of a word or words that sum up our desired magickal outcome.  Let's use the phrase  BRING SOULMATE for our working words.   Now we need to translate our letters into a numerical form using this chart:

The words BRING SOULMATE would translate into the numbers 2,9,9,5,7,1,6,3,3,4,1,2,5

Draw or print out a copy of the Venus Square, then lay a plain piece of tracing paper over it. 

On the square that corresponds to the first number of our working words (2) draw a small dot over the number 2 on the Venus Square.  Next, draw a straight line to the next number of our working words (9). Continue to draw straight lines to each number in our letter sequence. At the end of the last line (number 5) draw a short horizontal line to finish the sigil.

Lift the paper away from the grid and your sigil will be revealed.  You can burn it into wood, embroider it on cloth, paint or draw it, the possibilities are endless. Use your new magick sigil for spells, rituals, or talismans.