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How to Make Magick Powders

You will need:


Dried Herbs

Essential Oils

Glitter or Colored Sand

Mortar and Pestle

Mason Jar

Small bottle with cork or container with lid


Magick Powders are dried herbs that have been ground up super- fine. They are sprinkled to release their power.   


In a mortar and pestle grind together the dried herbs.  Be sure to keep your magick goal firmly in your mind. If you skip this step the magick powder will not be programmed and the magick will be lost.


Pour the herbs in a mason jar with a lid, and then add a drop of two of essential oil. You may or may not decide to add essential oils to the recipe, but if you do, only use a drop or two, else you will make your powder sticky.  I like to add them because I love the scent and I find that the oils add an extra bit of power to the powder.  If you wish, you may also add extra–fine glitter or coloured sand to the mixture.  I like to add glitter because the sparkle seems to bring the mixture to life and gives it a visual punch.  Put the lid on the Mason jar and shake vigorously. Again, be sure to concentrate on the magickal purpose of your powder.


Once everything is thoroughly mixed together, pour into a clean glass bottle, cap and label.


To use your magick powder, hold a pinch in your hand and envision the outcome that you desire, once you “feel” your powder is filled with energy, you may burn it, release it to the winds, sprinkle it on the earth, or throw it into running water.


For candle magick, rub your spell or ritual candle with oil then roll it in the magick powder.

 Sprinkle around the perimeter of your magick circle before ritual or spell casting.

 Sprinkle on your Altar or draw runes or other magickal sigils with the powder to add extra power to your magick spells.  Sprinkle in specific shapes to use as focal points for visualization: protection powder in shells or pentagrams; love powder in hearts; psychic powders in spirals.


 Wishing Powder

 Herbs – Sage, Sandalwood, Vanilla Bean, Dandelion Whirly Seeds

Hold the powder in your hands, feel its energies and visualize your wish with perfect clarity. Summon the power within you and send it into the powder. When it is alive with energy, fling it as far from you as you can.  As the powder touches the Earth, it releases its energy and guides your wish into manifestation.


Astral Travel Powder

Herbs - Monk’s Hood, Mugwort, Poppy

Essential Oil - Lavender

Sprinkle under your pillow before you sleep.


Divination Powder

Herbs - Angelica, Honeysuckle, Mugwort, Vervain

Essential Oil - Anise

Sprinkle on and around your divination tools.  Sprinkle on your Altar or in a circle around you, before you begin divination.


Exorcism Powder

Herbs - Heliotrope, Angelica, Comfrey, Peony

Essential Oil - Dragon’s Blood

Sprinkle wherever you need protection and strong purification.


Happiness Powder

Herbs - Lavender, Catnip, Jasmine and Hyacinth.

Essential Oil - Neroli

 Hold the powder in your hand or sprinkle in a circle around you. Visualize yourself filling with joy.


Fertility Powder

Herbs - Blackberry, Fennel, Geranium, Lady’s Mantle

Essential Oil - Rose

 Sprinkle in the garden, home, farmyard, or wherever fertility is required.


Health Powder

Herbs - Chamomile, Feverfew, Foxglove, Vervain

Essential Oil - Rose Geranium

Sprinkle on or around a bed or room where a person is in need of good health. 


Healing Powder

Herbs - Bracken, Marigold, Ivy, Vervain

Lavender Essential Oil

Sprinkle on or around the person or animal that requires healing.


Hexes - Break Powder

Herbs - Hydrangea, Thistle, Datura, High John

Essential Oil - Myrrh

Sprinkle wherever you need to break a hex.


Invisibility Powder

Herbs - Chicory, Heliotrope, Wolf’s Bane

Essential Oil - Pine

Sprinkle some in your pocket, car or outdoor space.  You won’t become invisible, but you will be able to pass unnoticed if you are stealthy.


Love Powder

Herbs - Red Rose Petals, Red Chrysanthemum, Honeysuckle, Water lily

Essential Oil - Jasmine

For use in attracting love. Be sure to sprinkle the bed sheets or bedroom. Sprinkle yourself before going out to help you meet someone new.


 Luck Powder

Herbs - Irish Moss, Nettle, Star Anise, Clover

Essential Oil - Vanilla

Use to bring positive changes into your life.


Money Powder

Herbs - Basil, Comfrey, Goldenrod, Peppermint

Essential Oil - Patchouli

Sprinkle in your place of business, in your wallet or purse. Rub onto money before spending. Or, sprinkle in a dollar sign on your altar or place of meditation and burn green candles over the powder symbol.


Prosperity Powder

Herbs - Broom, Heliotrope, Snapdragon, Bergamot

Essential Oil - Peppermint

Use to attract wealth in all its forms.


Protection Powder, recipe #1

Herbs - Angelica, Chrysanthemum, Fennel, Peony

Essential Oil - Anise

Sprinkle around the outside of your home and the borders of your property to ward off baneful energy.


Protection Powder, recipe #2

Herbs - Foxglove, Honeysuckle, Lavender, Monkshood

Essential Oil - Dragon’s Blood

To protect yourself, sprinkle in a circle and stand within it until feel safe and protected.  


Psychic Powder

Herbs - Mugwort, Peppermint, Rosemary, Yarrow

Essential Oil - Nutmeg

Sprinkle before meditation, or before you undertake any psychic work.


Purification Powder

Herbs - Angelica, Jasmine, Rosemary, Vervain,

Essential Oil - Frankincense

Sprinkle on yourself, your altar, ritual tools, sacred space -  on anything that needs purification.


Rain – To Fall Powder

Herbs - Fern, Pansy, Heather

Essential Oil - Sweet Orange

While you are outdoors holding the powder in your hand, circle three times deosil then blow the powder into the wind.


Samhain Spirit Powder

Herbs - Angelica, Tobacco, Mugwort, Sage

Essential Oil - Patchouli

Use on your Samhain Altar, ritual tools and candles.  Sprinkle some powder around pictures of your deceased loved ones.


Spirituality Powder

Herbs - Angelica, Gum Arabic, Heliotrope, Yarrow

Essential Oil - Frankincense

Sprinkle before meditation or rituals to turn your awareness to higher things.


Success Powder

Herbs - Bergamot, Chamomile, Peony, Vervain

Essential Oil - Ginger

Sprinkle wherever you require success.


Wind (Raising) Powder

Herbs - Bladderwrack, Broom, Saffron

Essential Oil - Sandalwood

While you are outdoors hold the powder in your hand, circle three times deosil then blow the powder into the wind.


Wisdom – To Obtain Powder

Herbs - Broom, Geranium, Iris, Rosemary

Essential Oil - Sage

Sprinkle on books, manuscripts, sprinkle in your pockets before going to classes.

 ©Rowan Morgana 2014