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Magick Moon Mirror

On the night of the Full Moon, place a mirror so that the Moon is reflected in the glass for a minimum of 3 hours.

Wrap the mirror in protective silk or linen and place it in a protective pouch.  Your Moon mirror should never be touched or looked into by anyone but yourself.

For the next 15 nights, look at your face in the Moon Mirror for an extended period of time allowing the lunar power captured in the mirror to merge with you.  By gazing into the mirror you absorb the Lunar gifts of radiance, beauty, psychic ability and fertility. The mirror also becomes imprinted with your personal power and desires.  

Once the 15 day period is completed your mirror is fully charged and in harmony with you.  Use it as a powerful magickal tool for obtaining wishes and desires.

To use your Moon mirror, wait until Full Moon and hold the mirror so that the Moon is reflected into the glass.  The mirror can only be used during the Full Moon. Gaze into the glass and voice your request.

Source - The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells