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Simple Mabon Ritual


You will need hazelnuts, poppy or sunflower seeds, and a Chalice of wine (or grape juice) 
This ritual is best done outdoors if possible.

Say silently or aloud:  "Mabon Sabbat is held in perfect balance, night and day are equal. The God journeys to the Underworld and the Goddess begins to withdraw Her power from the land as She follows Him into the darkness. The Earth begins to turn cold and the crops wither." 

Hold up a handful of hazelnuts and say: “Sacred hazelnuts of wisdom and inspiration, I pray for knowledge and strength that I may navigate gracefully through the darkness into the increasing light of Yule.”


Place the hazelnuts on the ground as an offering. 

Hold up the chalice of wine and say: ‘Mabon, Divine God of youth, I raise this glass in your honor as you begin your journey into the Underworld. Divine Child of Light, I pray for your safe journey.”


 Pour most of the wine on the ground, and then drink the remainder.


 Hold up the poppy or sunflower seeds and say:  “Modron, Great Mother Goddess of compassion, harvest, and magick, the light of Solstice shall restore your Son to your arms.  Until then, may you be comforted in your grief.”


Sprinkle the seeds upon the ground.


Blessed Mabon! 

Rowan Morgana 2014

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