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Lucky Leprechaun Spell

The Leprechaun is a solitary Faerie who spends his time making special dancing shoes.  In the evenings the Fey folk love to spend their time dancing, drinking and partying, and good shoes are always in demand.  The Leprechaun can be found outside of his Faerie Mound from early spring (St. Patrick's Day) until winter drives him back underground.  To find him you must follow the cry of a yellow bird, or the singing of a cricket until you hear the tap-tap-tapping of the Leprechauns shoe-making hammer. As soon as you spy on the Leprechaun you must seize him and hold him tight in order to force him into granting your wishes.  Unfortunately, whenever a Faerie is caught and forced to do anything, the human captor is invariably tricked and thwarted!  I believe that it is always better to have the cooperation of the Fey Folk whenever you are dealing with them, so this little spell has been written to enlist the willing help of the Leprechaun Faerie.




On St. Patrick's Day fill a small glass jar with clean water and add a few drops of green food colouring.  Drop a coin into the water, swirl it around three times and chant:

Oh Leprechaun I call you forth,

By the Earthly powers of the North.

Follow the rainbow and come to me,

Oh Leprechaun, hear my plea!

Light a green candle that has been inscribed with the Irish Claddagh Symbol and anoint with basil, cinnamon, nutmeg or pine essential oil.  Place the candle in front of the green water glass. Sprinkle basil leaves, or if you can get them shamrock leaves in a circle around the candle and glass and chant:

Candle flame and herbs of power,

Wealth and luck now will shower.

Bringing me all that I desire,

The magick grows within the fire.

Spend a few moments envisioning the luck and wealth that you desire.  See it as something that is already accomplished rather than something will happen.

Thank the Leprechaun and give him a gift.  Leprechauns like fruit, nuts and dandelion tea.  They always appreciate a bit of fine leather, some waxed thread or tiny nails for shoe-making.

Once the candle has burned down, take it, the herbs and the water outdoors and bury everything except the coin. Place the coin on your Altar or carry it with you as a Good Luck Talisman.

Rowan Morgana 2015