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Tarot Love Spell 

 Best time:   Friday at midnight on either a new moon or a full moon


  •   Candles in the following colours
  1.    White (purification)
  2.    Pink (love)
  3.    Yellow (attraction)
  4.    Light blue (patience and happiness )
  5.    Red (passion)
  • A cleansed quartz crystal
  • The Emperor from a tarot deck
  • Love Oil

 Do your normal altar devotion, circle casting and quarter calls.   Inscribe the pink and red candles with a heart to symbolize love in your life.  Anoint all candles with the love oil.  Place the Emperor card in the centre of your altar.
 Place candles on the altar with the red on the right of the Emperor and the pink on his left. The other candles may be placed where you see fit.  Light all the other candles in any order you like, leaving the pink and red for last.  Concentrate on bringing your "Emperor " into your life for all times. 

 The chant:

 Send me the Emperor good king of my life
 The man who will love me as both witch and wife.
 Make him kind and never cruel
 let him treasure me as a jewel.
 Give me home and give me a hearth
 a safe space for worship and freedom from want
 send me the Emperor the good king of my life
 the man who will love me as both witch and wife.


 Say this 7 times with your hands spread out over the Emperor card.   Imagine the Emperor coming into your life and being with you always.   Feel his energy being drawn closer to you. 
 Close your circle and you should see some results within the next 30 days.