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Intimate Items

Spells using human tissue is among the oldest magick worldwide. Various parts of the human body contain magick power.  Body magick can be accessed by simply drawing a picture of the body part required but there are times when actual physical material or intimate items are required by a spell. Healing & cleansing spells that are done for another person (with their active help and permission) sometimes require intimate items.


Hair - Love & binding

Menstrual Blood - Considered the strongest magickal substance known, can be used to control just about anything, spiritual protection,repels baneful energy 

Nail Clippings - Similar to hair but with less magickal impact, traditionally used with hair  

Saliva - Controlling & protection, repels baneful energies & magick, can be used to magickally transmit desire

Sweat - Love & sex spells used by men in place of menstrual blood

Sexual Fluids - Extreme power and vulnerability to love spells, healing spells, (semen can be applied topically to reduce headache),

Urine - Creates a dominating effect like a dog urinating on it's territory.