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I Am Ready for Love Spell


One male sweet potato
One female sweet potato

  How you may ask quite reasonably, can I tell the difference between a boy sweet potato and a girl sweet potato? Boy sweet potatoes are long and skinny, a bit like a male member, and girl sweet potatoes are round - not unlike the womb. The male sweet potato represents (and, in fact, is) yang energy, and yin energy is contained by the female sweet potato. If you are feeling weepy, vulnerable and unhappy - not the most dynamic combination - you are unlikely to attract anyone. To get back on the sexual track, get yourself a big long male sweet potato, bake it slowly in foil, and then eat it. Feel that strength and energy enter you, and visualize your new lovers' prowess and skill!

  If, on the other hand, you are full of fury and can't stand the sight of the opposite sex, representing as they do one big risk called heartache, get yourself a lovely round lady sweet potato. Bake her slowly, in foil, in the oven. Eat her up slowly, and allow your softer, more vulnerable feelings to surface. You'll soon be quite dewy-eyed with imagining the outpouring of love you'll soon experience.


However if you feel okay but want a partner who is more balanced, shall we say, than your previous ones, eat both male and female sweet potatoes to create a wonderful yin and yang combination. Be a wee bit careful here - this works very very well and sweet potato can increase your fertility, so if you are not into immediate parenthood, take precautions, won't you?

 Author Unknown