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House Purification Ritual


Assemble a candle, incense, dish of water, dish of salt. Bless the items, then go around the house opening all the windows and doors.


Take the salt and walk around the house in a Deosil pattern, clockwise within each room. Throw a pinch of salt into each corner, through each doorway and out each window. As you toss it, see it burning away unwanted energy and repeat as you go, "By the power of Salt I cleanse this house".


 After you've done the salt, light the incense and repeat all actions making sure a little of the smoke drifts through all doorways and windows. See it blowing away all unwanted energy say "By the power of Air I cleanse this house".


 Repeat with the candle, shining its light through all doorways and windows, say "By the power of Fire I cleanse this house". Last is the water, sprinkle it into each corner and through the doorways and windows, "By the power of water I cleanse this house". Repeat this statement for each element several times in each room. When you are done, feel the energy of the house. If it needs repeating, repeat it, but I've never needed to. Works wonders!