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Horned God Invocations


Horned One.
Awake from thy sleep and rise to greet me.
I await thy coming in the dark of night.
Show thyself to me.
Step out of the shadows that separate light and dark.
I call thee forth from the bowels of the earth.
I call thee forth with horn and hoof.
Come out.
Push through.
Come to me now without delay.
Stand strong and solid,
as hard as rock.
Like the walls of a fortress surround me.
No man can stand before thee,
Lord of Life and Lord of Death.
Hold me.
Keep me.
Forever, today, tomorrow.
Come to me smelling of deep forests,
smelling of fern and rain,
smelling of fire.
Arise to greet me, O Great God.
Fill my heart with fire,
with the sound of a brave heart
that beats with the sound of cannons.
Oh Dark God, hear and appear!


Horned One come!
Lord of the Winds, Lord of the Hunt,
Sun Child, Winter-Born King!
Stag and Stallion, Goat and Bull,
Guardian of the Gate -
He who is called Herne, Cernunnos,
Jack-In-The Green,
The Green Man,
Spirit of the Wood -

Come, be welcome here;
We invite you to this Circle!
Guard us, guide us teach us and bless us;
Join us in the Circle!

Blessed Be!