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Psychic Attack

What is a Psychic Attack?
Unconscious or conscious focusing of mental or psychic energies to bring emotional harm to another.  
Why would anyone send out energy to bring harm?
•    Jealousy
•    Rivalry – someone wants to bring you down to their level
•    Anger at something you may or may not have done on purpose or inadvertently
•    Dislike or hatred of you or your family
•    Random baneful thoughts that attach themselves to the person's memory of you
•    Fear of you and your magickal powers
It’s important to know that most people have no idea that they are sending out baneful energy, they may simply be angry, hurt or jealous.
As witches, we know that thoughts are things, by thinking it we make it so.  This is how magick works.  Of course, it works the other way around too! That's why it's so very important that we govern our thoughts.  Sure it's not easy to keep your thoughts beneficial and nurturing all the time, but as Witches, it's important that we are aware of our thoughts and the effect they have on others and our environment. We are adept at directing energy with our minds, and because we have developed (and continue to develop) this power we must also be very responsible for what we send out there.  I personally notice the difference in living beings in my household depending on my mood.  It's almost scary to think that one's thoughts can cause such an immediate effect but they do!

Don't forget to protect yourself, create a protective shield around you as often as possible.  A protective shield doesn't mean that you are sealing yourself off from loved ones or becoming emotionally distant, it simply means that you are protecting yourself from unwanted energies.  As Witches we attract random energies as a matter of course, the magick that we employ sends out a beacon into the Astral, and all sorts of energies hone in on the "ping".  Most energies are harmless, but it's always important to be shielded in your day to day life.

Creating a Protective Shield
•    Stand in a quiet and clear space.
•    Clear your mind.
•    Extend your arms forward.
•    Concentrate on raising a small amount of energy.
•    Circle around clockwise to create a magick circle around yourself.
•    Face each quarter separately and bow or acknowledge each as you go.
How do we know if we are under psychic attack, or if someone is working baneful magick against us?
•    Feeling nervous or twitchy
•     Feeling like you are being watched
•    Heaviness on your chest, shoulders or upper back – your body is feeling the unwanted energy trying to get in
•    An ache or heaviness in the solar plexus area – an early warning signal
•    Feeling empty or drained of energy – be sure you’re not ill first though
•    Vivid disturbing dreams – your subconscious is trying to tell you there’s a problem
•    Becoming suddenly accident-prone
•    Experiencing a long chain of small annoyances that become bigger and bigger problems
How do we combat a psychic attack?
      Earth Methods
o   Take in a deep cleansing breath in, and blow it out.  Sit in the grass and ground and center yourself.
o   Hug a pine tree, or they are protective and sacred.
o   Sit with your back to a tree, place both hands on the ground and stay for a while, let the baneful energy drain out of you into the Earth.

       Air Methods
o   Smudge yourself with incense or a smudge stick
o   Step outside into the wind and let Air blow away the baneful. Face the wind with your arms outstretched and visualize the attacking energy being pull off of you and being taken away  

      Fire Methods
o   Stand in the sunlight and let it burn away the baneful
o   When it’s cold outside sit in a sunny window
o   Light white candles and place them in a circle around you.  Focus your magickal intention on finding and removing attacking energy from your home or self. Visualize the energy being burned up by the candle flames.

       Water Methods
o   Strip off all your clothes, throw them in the laundry and take a bath visualizing all the baneful energy washing off of your body.
o   If a bath isn’t an option, wash your hands in cold water.
o   Take a walk in the rain or snow.


Purify Your Energy

At least  once a week you should purify your energy by doing one of the following exercises:

The Lemon

Begin by visualizing a ball of white light in front of you, between your two hands. As always concentrate on making that ball of white light as clear and bright as possible.

Now within the ball of white light imagine a large yellow lemon. Make the image of the lemon as clear and real as you can. See its bright yellow colour, the texture of its rind, imagine its fresh citrus scent.

From within the lemon, imagine still more white light radiating - as if there were a tiny sun within the fruit.

Lift the ball of light with the lemon inside up and over your head. You can make this gesture with your physical hands, or you can visualize doing it. Now bring the ball of light down into your head, so that the lemon is about at the centre of your head.

Visualize the lemon contracting, as if squeezed by an invisible hand. Clear yellow lemon juice flows out of the lemon. The juice is shining with light. Imagine that lemon juice going to every part of your body. The juice absorbs all baneful it encounters, turning dull, even brownish, as it does so. Let the juice absorb for a few moments. Then imagine all of the juice, together with the baneful it has absorbed, flowing back up into the lemon.

Now lift the ball of white light with the lemon inside back out of your head and bring it down in front of you. Imagine the ball shrinking down, growing smaller and smaller, with the lemon inside. When the ball is so small you can no longer see it, symbolically blow it away. Ask the Goddess to take the energy and re-use it in more positive ways.
The River

Imagine yourself on the banks of a river.  Visualize yourself stripping off all of your clothes and wading into the flowing water.  As the water flows around you visualize the baneful energy as dirt on your body.  See the water washing it away, taking it downriver into the ocean where it is safely transformed and absorbed.  Continue going deeper and deeper into the water until you are completely submerged.  Visualize your skin as being glowing pink, pulsing with health and vitality.  When you feel completely "clean" wade out of the river, get dressed and continue on with your day.

Aura Cleansing
•    Stand in a quiet and clear space.
•    Clear your mind.
•    Extend your arms forward.
•    Concentrate on raising a small amount of energy.
•    Circle around clockwise to create a magick circle around yourself
•    Face each quarter separately and bow or acknowledge each as you go. Invoke your deities and create a protective sphere around you.
•    Stand in a meditative posture and concentrate on creating a white light above you.
•    Let the white light slowly fill your space (aura) moving slowly downwards.
•    As it moves and fills your space, feel it collecting all unwanted energies.
•    Let the light drain down below your feet into the ground.
•    Take a minute to enjoy the refreshed feeling of being cleared.
•    Open your circle and ground yourself.


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