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Handfasting Rituals are an important part of Wiccan culture and offer a unique way for couples to express their commitment to one another. They can be tailored to fit an individual's needs and desires, making them a beautiful and meaningful way to honor the bond between two people.

The ritual can be performed by either a Priest or Priestess within an established coven, or privately by the couple themselves. The ritual is usually accompanied by chanting, dancing, and exchanging of vows. During the ceremony, each individual may choose to use a special token, as a sign of their commitment to one another. After the completion of the ceremony, it is customary for couples to exchange rings as a physical symbol of their union.

The completion of the ritual is usually marked with a feast, to which all guests are invited. This is an opportunity for everyone involved to celebrate the couple's union and enjoy each other's company. Handfasting Rituals often represent the beginning of a new journey together and can be seen as a sign that two people have chosen to embark on this path together, in harmony and love. 


When it comes to the handfasting ritual, there are a few essential elements you'll need. First, you'll need two cords of different colors – one for each partner in the ceremony – and something to tie them together with. You can also include other items that have special significance to the couple; things like a ring or crystal could be used.


When you're ready to begin the ritual, all participants should stand in a circle around the altar or the couple if they are standing together. The two cords should be placed at the feet of both partners, with one cord for each partner. The officiant then recites an invocation that may include words about love, commitment and intention.


Once the invocation is finished, each partner takes a cord and holds it in their hands. The officiant then leads the partners through an exchange that is meaningful to them, such as saying something like "I bind this cord with my love for you" or "I give this cord to show my commitment." After both partners have exchanged words, the officiant ties the two cords together. This symbolizes the joining of their two lives and serves as a reminder of their commitment to each other.


At this point, the officiant may end the ritual with a blessing or any words of encouragement for the couple. The handfasting ritual is a beautiful way to honor love and commitment, and a reminder that two lives can be joined together in harmony.


Printable Handfasting Certificates