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Hi there just wanted to say hi say that I have found this website I find it very interesting and useful. I am Celtic and have been at least for at least 25 years. Rhiannon is my goddess. I am very interested in Celtic history.

Thank you so much for this website!! It feels if I were brought here! blessed be

Love this website! It's a really handy guide!

I found your site quite by accident, searching for Book of Shadow pages. Love it! You are still active I hope? If I ever have any questions, might I approach you?
I have practiced sporadically over the years but now that I ama Drone I am settled into my spiritual pursuit more. Thank you for all the wonderful sharing you do!

Blessed Be and thank you for all the information.

I'm so glad I found you're website. I'm brand new to wicca. All the info here is so helpful already! Thanks so much!

This has quickly become my go to site when trying to identify what deities are contacting me. Thank you!!

Dear Morgana,
Thank you so much, this website is quite amazing. I am really enjoying the section on each goddess.
Sending much gratitude and love

Always happy to connect with a like minded witch here in the Otherworld of the internet. Enjoy the Celtic Druidic Tree content especially!

Blessed BE!
Kathy Crabbe
Soul Reader, Witch, Oracle Deck Maker

I have followed the moon for many years. In a solitary way. I’m always learning. Thank you.

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