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hi guys :). I am looking for help for me and my girl. i am from France

This is such a great source of information!

Thank You,Blessed Be

Thank you for the information on Isis!

i am from Italy hello. Can you help me translate? /rardor

Wonderful site full of great information. Helped me with my dark moon ritual!

Amazing website!!!!! Thank you for assisting any baby witch out here xxxx

thank you for your info
this is will help me get back to the craft and show my sister the way
i have been on a 20year break...

I am new and just finding my ground to stand on. I find it amazing to hear all the different ways people perceive things. As one might have one idea or spell, another person has their own way, but all come to the same end and usually use the same things for each spell.
I hope to learn more as I grow and continue to learn as much as I can. Expanding my knowledge on certain rituals, castings alters. I hope I can explore and experience as much as I can.
Thank you for the knowledge you have given me.

Hi Gina,

I saw your question above and though I'm not a child development expert, I believe that at 10 your boys should be told about the birds and bees by you. Since you are their primary caregiver and mom, you have everything within you to know how little or much to say. But I think sticking with basics is good enough for now. As for the magazine, I'd ask them where they got it from and explain to them that until they are much older they can't have them and that images can exploit them and the people in them. This is not to induce shame, but to protect them. With my own son, it was important for me to teach him to respect his mind, his body and to respect others as well too. I hope this helps. Blessing of sweet Light - Kihm

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