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I'm so glad I found you're website. I'm brand new to wicca. All the info here is so helpful already! Thanks so much!

This has quickly become my go to site when trying to identify what deities are contacting me. Thank you!!

Dear Morgana,
Thank you so much, this website is quite amazing. I am really enjoying the section on each goddess.
Sending much gratitude and love

Always happy to connect with a like minded witch here in the Otherworld of the internet. Enjoy the Celtic Druidic Tree content especially!

Blessed BE!
Kathy Crabbe
Soul Reader, Witch, Oracle Deck Maker

I have followed the moon for many years. In a solitary way. I’m always learning. Thank you.

hi morgana id like to say thanks for the help im still a little new as a witch and ive lerned about the horned god because of you and opend so many doors for me its kinda hard doing this alone i hope i find someone

Thank you.

I loved this website. I learned so much. Thank you.

greetings rowan morgana !

we had such a lovely time browsing your website. especially loved your correspondences with the werewolf.

best wishes,
molly + matthew

Thank you for this I love your website.

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