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I have a new book coming out on April 21!!!

MODERN WICCA is about Wiccan beliefs and traditions for contemporary life


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Wow, this is really helpful, I'm just getting into witchcraft, and this really helps!

Thank you for your advice and information!

Hi, thanks for the website, one of the people here Katie, is my friend. But I’m having trouble finding stuff.

Thank you for all the information on different Gods and Goddesses! It has helped me start making my book of shadows and becoming more involved with Wicca. Blessed be :)

Thank you so much, this will help with my practises and beliefs.
~Blessed Be

I am glad to find this site. I would love to find a coven in my area.

hi guys :). I am looking for help for me and my girl. i am from France

hello! im happy to find this site, im a beginner so im looking for information and this will help me tons :)

blessed be! I have been searching for information about Freya and Hecate and this helped me a lot! I'm still learning about them and I have seen their work and wonders. I'm still surprised! Thank you for the information! Means a lot!

Just found you, very excited

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