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Thank you for sharing such a lovely site. I will recommend it to my Circle sisters. I am a 76 year old Wiccan priestess and my Circle of the Sacred Wheel is a democratic coven where we take turns leading rituals as High Priestess in Sacramento, California, USA. Blessed Be!

Very soothing and thorough site . This release like a portable altar OrBos.

Excellent site, thank for you time and effort putting it together.
Blessed Be
Best Wishes from Manchester UK .

Love everything about this site. Learning more about to type of Wiccan I want to be and this has been very helpful. Would love to see more about Leto though.

Merry meet!
I'm really glad I found your site, being a witchling, just beginning to practice shortly before yesterday's full moon. I believe this site will be my go to for things until I get more established, and even after. Thank you for taking the time to write up all you have!
Blessed be!

I have been searching for information on Pan and happened across your website, yours was beautifully written and offered me the insight I was looking for, I had almost given up after some of the articles I had stumbled across. I can’t wait to explore more on here, thank you, truly a lovely site to find.
Blessed Be.

Thank you for the retelling of the Story of Mabon ap Mordon. I really appreciate the pronunciations offered for the Welsh names.

Thank you so much for providing this information! Much love and appreciation

I've learned much of Freya and continue to learn and worship her story and believe in her abilities. Thank you for your knowledge

That you so much for the positive message!!

Peace, Love, and Compassion

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