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Goddess Luna


Moon, moon, Lady Moon, shine your light on me

Moon, moon, Lady Moon, bring (……….) to me


Luna is the Roman Goddess who personifies the Moon – Luna IS the Moon. With Diana and Hecate She forms a Triple Goddess triad.  Luna is the Goddess in the heavens, Diana is the Goddess on Earth and Hecate is the Goddess in the Underworld.


Goddess Luna rules over the cycles of life and the tides of the ocean. Her magick powers include instinct, creativity, luck, femininity, water element, and safety in travel. 

During a Blue Moon Luna is capable of performing miracles!


Celebrate the Goddess Luna on March 31st as was done in ancient times.  She was worshipped at Her Temple, called “Night-Shiner”.


To Honor Luna today dress your Altar in white and silver, light white candles, offer white flowers, pictures of white birds, milk and honey, grain, fruit, perfume and/or white wine.


Her symbols are silver or white items, water, moon images and the number 13.


Element - Water

Zodiac – Cancer

Number 13

Plant –Moonwort

Stones – Moonstone, Selenite

Trees-  Rowan, Willow


Sources – Complete Book of Correspondences – Kynes

Journeying to the Goddess